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How to pronounce chilling (audio)

Dictionary definition of chilling

Evoking a feeling of coldness or a sense of unease, often sending shivers down one's spine.
"The horror movie had a chilling ending that left the audience speechless."

Detailed meaning of chilling

It implies a chilling effect on emotions, creating a sensation of fear, horror, or discomfort. When something is described as chilling, it typically elicits a deep and unsettling reaction, instilling a sense of dread or foreboding. It can refer to chilling weather, where the coldness is intense and piercing. However, it is more commonly used metaphorically to describe a chilling atmosphere, chilling silence, or chilling words or actions that provoke a strong emotional response. The term conveys a sense of deep disturbance, causing a person to feel unnerved, anxious, or even frightened. Whether in the context of a thrilling suspense story or a bone-chilling encounter, the adjective chilling effectively portrays an unsettling and disturbing quality.

Example sentences of chilling

1. The chilling wind cut through my coat, making me shiver uncontrollably.
2. She recounted her chilling encounter with a ghost in the old abandoned house.
3. The detective discovered a chilling clue that led him closer to the truth.
4. The chilling silence in the room made the tension unbearable.
5. His chilling gaze sent a chill down my spine.
6. The newspaper article revealed the chilling details of the serial killer's crimes.

History and etymology of chilling

The adjective 'chilling' has a straightforward etymology linked to the sensation it conveys. It stems from the Old English word 'cilian,' which means 'to make cold' or 'to become cold.' Over time, it acquired a figurative sense, evolving to describe something that evokes a feeling of coldness, often in a metaphorical or unsettling way. When something is described as 'chilling,' it typically implies that it induces a sense of unease or sends shivers down one's spine, akin to the physical sensation of coldness. Thus, the etymology of 'chilling' underscores its intrinsic connection to the concept of coldness, whether in the literal or figurative sense, making it a powerful word to describe things that provoke a spine-tingling, unsettling feeling.

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Further usage examples of chilling

1. As I listened to the chilling screams coming from the haunted maze, I felt a wave of fear wash over me.
2. The chilling tale of the lost hiker trapped in the freezing wilderness kept me on the edge of my seat.
3. The chilling laughter echoed through the empty hallways, haunting the mansion.
4. The novel depicted a chilling dystopian society ruled by fear and oppression.
5. The documentary presented chilling footage of the natural disaster's devastating aftermath.
6. The chilling wind cut through their winter coats.
7. Her story had a chilling effect on the listeners.
8. The eerie silence in the haunted house was chilling.
9. The chilling scream echoed through the dark forest.
10. The detective's discovery was both shocking and chilling.
11. The movie's plot took a chilling turn in the climax.
12. The chilling tale of the serial killer gripped the nation.
13. The chilling darkness of the cave was unsettling.
14. The chilling truth was revealed in the final chapter.
15. The chilling mist rolled in from the sea at dawn.



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