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How to pronounce eerie (audio)

Dictionary definition of eerie

Strange and mysteriously unsettling in a way that invokes a sense of unease or fear.
"The eerie silence of the deserted town was haunting."

Detailed meaning of eerie

When something is characterized as eerie, it implies an atmosphere or quality that feels unusual, unnatural, or uncanny, often causing a shiver down the spine. This term can apply to various contexts, such as an eerie silence in a dark, abandoned building, an eerie glow in the moonlight, or an eerie feeling that something otherworldly is present. "Eerie" underscores the idea of something being profoundly disconcerting and strange, often evoking a sense of foreboding or a spine-tingling sensation that something is not quite right.

Example sentences containing eerie

1. The foggy forest had an eerie silence that made us feel like we weren't alone.
2. The abandoned house at the end of the street has an eerie vibe, especially at night.
3. I heard an eerie whisper in the dark room and quickly turned on the light.
4. The ghost story was filled with eerie characters and chilling scenarios.
5. The eerie glow of the moon through the clouds created shadows that danced on the walls.
6. The detective entered the crime scene, finding the eerie calmness unsettling.

History and etymology of eerie

The adjective 'eerie' has its etymological origins somewhat uncertain, but it is believed to be related to the word 'ear,' which in Middle English referred to 'the grave' or 'death.' Over time, 'eerie' evolved to describe something as strange and mysteriously unsettling in a way that invokes a sense of unease or fear. It suggests an eerie sensation that is both uncanny and otherworldly, often linked to supernatural or inexplicable occurrences. 'Eerie' is frequently used to describe places, events, or situations that give rise to a feeling of discomfort or creepiness, as if one has entered into a realm where the normal laws of reality no longer apply. It conveys an eerie atmosphere that can send shivers down one's spine, invoking a sense of the unknown and the supernatural.

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Further usage examples of eerie

1. The movie's eerie soundtrack contributed to the suspenseful and haunting atmosphere.
2. As they explored the cave, they noticed an eerie echo that seemed to follow their every word.
3. The painting portrayed an eerie landscape with twisted trees and fog rolling in.
4. She said there was an eerie similarity between her dream and the events that happened the next day.
5. The fog hanging over the lake gave the surroundings an eerie, almost mystical appearance.
6. As we walked through the graveyard, an eerie wind rustled the leaves and sent chills down my spine.
7. The old clock tower struck midnight, its eerie chimes reverberating through the silent town.
8. The eerie ruins of the ancient castle were said to be haunted by the spirits of its former inhabitants.
9. The child's eerie ability to predict events before they happened intrigued and baffled many.
10. The abandoned house had an eerie, haunted quality.
11. The forest at night felt eerie with its hushed whispers.
12. The eerie silence after the storm was unnerving.
13. The old graveyard had an eerie, otherworldly aura.
14. His voice took on an eerie, ghostly quality in the darkness.
15. The eerie glow of the moon cast long shadows in the fog.
16. The abandoned amusement park was eerily silent.
17. The empty streets at midnight felt eerie and desolate.
18. The flickering candlelight created an eerie ambiance.
19. The abandoned shipwreck had an eerie, forlorn appearance.
20. The eerie howling of the wind added to the spooky atmosphere.
21. The abandoned asylum had an eerie, unsettling history.
22. The eerie footsteps in the attic raised hairs on their necks.
23. The fog-shrouded lake looked eerie under the full moon.
24. The eerie feeling of being watched sent shivers down her spine.



spooky, normal, ordinary, reassuring


Fear and Anxiety, Middle School 12, Atmosphere and Mood

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