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How to pronounce circuitous (audio)

Dictionary definition of circuitous

A route, journey or process that is indirect, meandering, and longer than the most direct way.
"The GPS took us on a circuitous route that added an extra hour to our journey."

Detailed meaning of circuitous

It implies a longer, more complicated way of reaching a destination, rather than taking a direct path. A circuitous journey might involve taking many turns or detours before finally arriving at the intended destination. Similarly, a circuitous argument or explanation may take a roundabout approach to reaching its conclusion, using many digressions or irrelevant details along the way. This adjective can be used to describe both physical and abstract situations, and is often used to convey a sense of complexity or confusion. Overall, the term 'circuitous' connotes a lack of directness or clarity, and implies that the journey or process in question is unnecessarily complicated or convoluted.

Example sentences of circuitous

1. The politician's answer was circuitous and failed to address the question.
2. The writer's style was criticized for being too circuitous and confusing.
3. The project was delayed by a circuitous approval process that took months.
4. The hiker took a circuitous route to avoid the steep climb.
5. The detective's investigation was a circuitous journey that led him to unexpected places.
6. The speaker's argument was criticized for being too circuitous and lacking in clarity.

History and etymology of circuitous

The adjective 'circuitous' has its etymology in Latin and English. It derives from the Latin word 'circuitus,' which comes from 'circu,' meaning 'around,' and 'ire,' meaning 'to go.' In Latin, 'circuitus' referred to going around or making a circular journey. Over time, this term made its way into English as 'circuitous,' retaining its original sense of describing a route, journey, or process that is indirect, meandering, and longer than the most direct way. The etymology of 'circuitous' effectively captures the idea of taking a winding path or detour, emphasizing the extended and less straightforward nature of such routes or processes.

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Further usage examples of circuitous

1. The artist took a circuitous approach to her work, experimenting with many different styles and techniques.
2. The negotiation process was a circuitous path that involved many concessions and compromises.
3. The explorer's journey was circuitous, taking him through treacherous terrain and uncharted waters.
4. The engineer had to design a circuitous path for the water to flow through the valley.
5. The writer's story was a circuitous journey that led the reader through many unexpected twists and turns.
6. My apologies for the oversight. Here are 25 short sentences, each approximately 100 characters long:
7. His winding, circuitous path through the maze was challenging but fun.
8. Circuitous routes may be scenic, but they take more time.
9. Avoid the circuitous road; it's longer and less efficient.
10. The river's circuitous journey through the valley was picturesque.
11. Circuitous routes can be confusing, so follow the clear path.
12. She took a circuitous approach to problem-solving, exploring many options.
13. The hiker enjoyed the circuitous trail, taking in stunning vistas.
14. His circuitous explanations left the audience bewildered.
15. The circuitous process added unnecessary delays to the project.
16. They chose the circuitous route to enjoy the scenic detour.
17. Circuitous journeys often reveal unexpected beauty.
18. Avoid circuitous routes if you're short on time.
19. She preferred the circuitous road, savoring each twist and turn.
20. Circuitous reasoning can make a simple problem seem complex.
21. The river's circuitous course wound through the lush valley.
22. His circuitous thinking led to innovative solutions.
23. A circuitous path may be longer, but it can be more rewarding.
24. The driver took a circuitous route to avoid traffic.
25. They explored a circuitous route through the dense forest.
26. Circuitous roads can be more enjoyable for a leisurely drive.
27. Avoid the circuitous route if you're in a hurry.
28. The path to success isn't always a circuitous one.
29. She found beauty in the circuitous journey of life.
30. Circuitous explanations often lead to confusion.
31. The river's circuitous flow added charm to the landscape.



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