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Definition of 'labyrinthine'

Complex, intricate, and bewildering in nature, often resembling or relating to a labyrinth.
"Navigating through the city's labyrinthine streets was a daunting task for newcomers."

Detailed Meaning of 'labyrinthine'

It implies a convoluted structure or a maze-like quality that is difficult to navigate or comprehend. When applied to a situation or a system, it suggests a bewildering array of interconnections and intricate details that can confound and confuse those attempting to unravel it. Whether it refers to a physical space, a conceptual framework, or a series of events, something described as labyrinthine evokes a sense of depth, intricacy, and the potential for getting lost within its complex twists and turns.


Examples of 'labyrinthine' in a Sentence

1. The ancient castle had a labyrinthine network of secret passages and hidden chambers.
2. The legal document was filled with labyrinthine jargon that only a seasoned lawyer could decipher.
3. The novel's plot was a labyrinthine web of interconnected storylines and mysterious characters.
4. Exploring the ancient ruins, we stumbled upon a labyrinthine underground catacomb.
5. The government bureaucracy was notorious for its labyrinthine procedures and red tape.
6. The professor's lecture on quantum mechanics was filled with labyrinthine concepts that left the students bewildered.

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Origins & Etymology of 'labyrinthine'

The adjective 'labyrinthine' draws its etymological inspiration from the intricate and bewildering nature of actual labyrinths. Its roots can be traced back to the legendary Labyrinth of Knossos in ancient Crete, a complex maze associated with the myth of the Minotaur. The term 'labyrinthine' is derived from the word 'labyrinth,' which, in turn, has origins in the Greek 'laburinthos.' This word became synonymous with complex and confusing structures, both literal and figurative. Over time, 'labyrinthine' came to describe anything that possesses the intricate, convoluted, and puzzling characteristics akin to the labyrinth, making it a fitting adjective for situations, organizations, or processes that seem complex and difficult to navigate.


How to pronounce labyrinthine (audio)


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