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How to pronounce circumnavigate (audio)

Dictionary definition of circumnavigate

To travel around something, typically an entire continent, island, or the world, by water, air, or land.
"Magellan was the first person to successfully circumnavigate the earth in 1522."

Detailed meaning of circumnavigate

It implies a journey that involves traveling around the outer boundaries of a place or object, covering a considerable distance in the process. This term is often used in the context of exploration and adventure, where the goal is to navigate around a specific location, object, or route. For example, sailors who circumnavigate the world must cross multiple oceans and visit various countries and ports, while an adventurer who circumnavigates an island must travel around its entire coastline. In summary, "circumnavigate" means to travel around a place or object, covering a considerable distance in the process, often for exploration or adventure purposes.

Example sentences of circumnavigate

1. Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the globe in the 16th century.
2. The daring pilot aimed to circumnavigate the world in a solo flight.
3. They planned to circumnavigate the vast desert on their expedition.
4. Sailors often dream of circumnavigating the world's great oceans.
5. The adventurer set out to circumnavigate the remote island chain.
6. It took them months to circumnavigate the continent by car.

History and etymology of circumnavigate

The verb 'circumnavigate' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin words 'circum' (meaning 'around') and 'navigare' (meaning 'to sail' or 'to navigate'). Therefore, 'circumnavigate' etymologically signifies 'to sail or navigate around.' In modern usage, 'circumnavigate' describes the act of traveling around something, typically an entire continent, island, or the world, by water, air, or land. It emphasizes the idea of completing a journey that encircles a specific geographical feature or the entire globe. The etymology of 'circumnavigate' underscores its connection to the concept of navigating around or encircling, highlighting its role in describing ambitious and often adventurous journeys that encompass large expanses of the Earth's surface.

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Further usage examples of circumnavigate

1. The yacht attempted to circumnavigate the treacherous cape.
2. Modern technology makes it easier to circumnavigate the globe.
3. The explorer's goal was to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle.
4. A well-equipped expedition was needed to circumnavigate the jungle.
5. She hoped to circumnavigate the lake in her kayak.
6. The crew prepared to circumnavigate the turbulent waters.
7. The spacecraft aimed to circumnavigate distant planets.
8. His dream was to circumnavigate the Earth in a hot air balloon.
9. The athletes trained rigorously to circumnavigate the track.
10. They embarked on a mission to circumnavigate the moon.
11. The submarine was designed to circumnavigate the ocean depths.
12. Navigators rely on advanced tools to circumnavigate accurately.
13. They had to circumnavigate political obstacles to reach their goal.
14. Explorers continue to circumnavigate the mysteries of the universe.
15. The sailors attempted to circumnavigate the globe but encountered numerous challenges along the way.
16. The solo adventurer set out to circumnavigate the world on foot, starting from his hometown.
17. The astronauts aboard the spaceship will circumnavigate the planet in a matter of hours.
18. The sailboat is designed to circumnavigate the world's oceans with ease and efficiency.
19. The captain plotted a course to circumnavigate the island and reach the other side.
20. The explorer was determined to circumnavigate the Antarctic continent and document its unique features.
21. The swimmer attempted to circumnavigate the lake, but fatigue and cold water forced him to stop.
22. The plane was able to circumnavigate the storm clouds and reach its destination safely.
23. The crew planned to circumnavigate the island chain to gather data on marine life.
24. The cyclists set out to circumnavigate the country to raise awareness for a charitable cause.
25. The hiker decided to circumnavigate the mountain instead of climbing it directly.



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