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How to pronounce circumscribe (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'circumscribe'

To limit or restrict something within a specific boundary or set of conditions.
"The project manager had to circumscribe the budget to avoid overspending."

Detailed Meaning of 'circumscribe'

It can also mean to draw a line around an area, object, or idea. This verb is often used to describe the process of defining or narrowing down a problem, issue, or concept in order to make it more manageable or understandable. Circumscribing can be a useful tool for problem-solving, as it can help to identify the core issues or constraints that need to be addressed. It can also be used to describe the act of confining or controlling someone or something within certain limits, as in the case of circumscribing an individual's freedom or a company's activities. The word "circumscribe" is often used in academic, legal, or philosophical contexts and implies a deliberate and precise action.

History and Etymology of 'circumscribe'

The verb 'circumscribe' has its etymological roots in Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'circum,' meaning 'around,' and 'scribere,' meaning 'to write' or 'to draw.' In its literal sense, 'circumscribe' initially meant to draw a line or boundary around something, often for the purpose of containment or demarcation. Over time, this concept evolved metaphorically to represent the act of limiting or restricting something within a specific boundary or set of conditions. Thus, 'circumscribe' retains its connection to the idea of encircling or defining limits, mirroring its historical journey from Latin to its modern usage in denoting constraint or restriction.

Examples of 'circumscribe' in a Sentence

1. You must circumscribe the area of the fabric you want to cut.
2. The ritual requires them to circumscribe the sacred space with salt.
3. With a stick, she starts to circumscribe a large circle in the sand.
4. When you circumscribe the problem, you can find a more efficient solution.
5. The scientists circumscribe the research area to focus on relevant data.
6. In geometry, we often circumscribe polygons around a circle.
7. The community decided to circumscribe the park for better safety measures.
8. Please circumscribe the specific topics that will be covered in your presentation.
9. Before planting, circumscribe the garden bed to keep it organized.
10. We need to circumscribe our budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.
11. To make a perfect patch, circumscribe the hole in the fabric before sewing.
12. The law aims to circumscribe the use of personal data by companies.
13. The teacher asked the students to circumscribe the relevant points in their essays.
14. To solve the puzzle, you must first circumscribe the clues given.





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