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How to pronounce clairvoyant (audio)

Dictionary definition of clairvoyant

A person who has the ability to see things that are beyond the normal senses.
"The clairvoyant claimed to have the ability to see into the future."

Detailed meaning of clairvoyant

Specifically, a clairvoyant is someone who can perceive information about events, people, or places that are not visible to the naked eye. This ability is often associated with extrasensory perception or ESP. A clairvoyant may use different techniques to access this information, such as meditation, divination tools like tarot cards, or simply relying on their intuitive abilities. While the existence of clairvoyance is still a matter of debate among scientists, some people believe in the power of clairvoyants and seek their guidance to gain insights about their lives or future events.

Example sentences of clairvoyant

1. Many people believe that clairvoyants have a special connection to the spiritual realm.
2. The psychic fair featured several clairvoyants who offered readings to visitors.
3. The detective consulted with a clairvoyant to help solve the mysterious case.
4. The author based the protagonist's character on a clairvoyant she met in real life.
5. The clairvoyant warned her client about an upcoming danger in her life.
6. Some people are skeptical about the validity of clairvoyant abilities.

History and etymology of clairvoyant

The noun 'clairvoyant' has its etymological origins in French. It is formed from two French words: 'clair,' meaning 'clear,' and 'voyant,' meaning 'seeing.' The combination 'clairvoyant' literally translates to 'clear-seeing.' This term describes a person who is believed to have the ability to see things that are beyond the scope of normal human senses or perception. Clairvoyants are often associated with extrasensory perception (ESP) and the ability to access information or insights about the past, present, or future through a heightened or paranormal sense of vision. The etymology of 'clairvoyant' reflects its historical connection to the idea of having a clear and extraordinary vision that goes beyond the ordinary, making it a term often used in discussions of psychic phenomena and the supernatural.

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Further usage examples of clairvoyant

1. The clairvoyant described the missing person's location with remarkable accuracy.
2. The documentary explored the lives of famous clairvoyants throughout history.
3. The clairvoyant used a crystal ball to help focus her visions.
4. The skeptic challenged the clairvoyant to prove her abilities under controlled conditions.
5. The clairvoyant's predictions about the stock market turned out to be surprisingly accurate.
6. The clairvoyant foretold my future, leaving me amazed by their insights and accuracy.
7. Seeking guidance from a clairvoyant is common during times of uncertainty and doubt.
8. With a vast clientele, she's become a renowned clairvoyant in the field.
9. The clairvoyant's revelations brought clarity to my life's mysteries.
10. Consulting a clairvoyant shed light on the cryptic symbols in my dreams.
11. A connection to the spirit world is a unique aspect of a clairvoyant's abilities.
12. His uncanny clairvoyant talents left me in awe of the supernatural.
13. The clairvoyant's insights often provided a glimpse into past lives.
14. She's not just a healer but a gifted clairvoyant, touching lives profoundly.
15. Solace and comfort often accompany the readings of a clairvoyant.
16. A clairvoyant's perception of energy fields sets them apart.
17. I sought a clairvoyant's guidance to decipher my recurring visions.
18. Remarkably, the clairvoyant's predictions routinely manifested.
19. Seeking answers, many turn to the wisdom of a clairvoyant.
20. The clairvoyant's intuitive insights left us in profound wonder.
21. Beyond ordinary perception, a clairvoyant's wisdom resonates.
22. We couldn't help but marvel at the clairvoyant's extraordinary talents.
23. A path to enlightenment emerged from the clairvoyant's revelations.
24. Comfort is found in the reassuring words of a clairvoyant.
25. The clairvoyant's abilities ignited intrigue and captivated many.



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