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secretive, open, public, overt



How to pronounce clandestine (audio)

Dictionary definition of clandestine

Done secretly or in a way that is meant to be hidden or concealed, especially because it is illicit or illegal.
"He undertook several clandestine operations during his time in the secret service."

Detailed meaning of clandestine

It can also describe something that is done covertly or surreptitiously, often in order to avoid detection or scrutiny. For example, a clandestine meeting is one that is held in secret, often in order to discuss or plan something that is meant to be kept hidden. A clandestine operation is one that is carried out secretly, often in order to achieve a specific goal without being detected or discovered. The term is often used to describe activities or operations that are meant to be hidden or kept secret, especially those that are illegal or unethical.

Example sentences of clandestine

1. They had a clandestine meeting in a remote location, away from prying eyes.
2. A clandestine operation, shrouded in secrecy, was underway to apprehend the notorious criminal.
3. The clandestine affair between the two married individuals was fraught with risk, as it threatened to destroy their families.
4. She uncovered a clandestine plot to overthrow the government, leading to a national security crisis.
5. Their clandestine love affair continued for years, hidden from their respective spouses and friends.
6. Clandestine activities within the organization were finally exposed when an internal whistleblower came forward.

History and etymology of clandestine

The adjective 'clandestine' has a fascinating etymology that can be traced back to the Latin word 'clandestinus,' which is a combination of 'clam,' meaning 'secretly,' and 'destinare,' meaning 'to establish' or 'to determine.' Therefore, 'clandestine' etymologically conveys the idea of something being established or conducted in secret. It emphasizes actions or activities that are meant to be hidden or concealed, often because they are illicit, illegal, or of a covert nature. This term highlights the covert and surreptitious nature of such actions, underlining the intent to operate discreetly and avoid detection. 'Clandestine' has retained its sense of hidden or secretive behavior throughout its evolution and remains a key descriptor for activities conducted behind closed doors or under the radar.

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Further usage examples of clandestine

1. The clandestine group, known for its subversive activities, preferred to meet under the cover of darkness.
2. Clandestine deals involving politicians and lobbyists often took place behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny.
3. His clandestine motives, concealed beneath a façade of innocence, became evident as the investigation unfolded.
4. A daring clandestine mission deep behind enemy lines was executed with precision and resulted in a significant victory.
5. They operated in a clandestine manner, avoiding detection by law enforcement for years.
6. Clandestine meetings among high-ranking officials raised suspicion of corruption and collusion.
7. The clandestine operation, conducted with utmost discretion, remained covert until the final reveal.
8. Clandestine meetings among rival factions in the criminal underworld were often held in abandoned warehouses.
9. A clandestine organization, with shadowy figures pulling the strings, emerged as a major player in the criminal world.
10. The intricate clandestine scheme, involving espionage and international intrigue, slowly unraveled as more evidence came to light.
11. He had a clandestine agenda to gather sensitive information for a foreign government, posing a severe national security threat.
12. The clandestine group, rumored to wield significant influence, operated in the shadows, manipulating events from behind the scenes.
13. Clandestine actions by corrupt officials eventually led to a series of high-profile arrests and public outrage.
14. They worked together on clandestine projects, developing cutting-edge technology in secret laboratories, away from competitors' prying eyes.
15. The group was involved in a clandestine operation to overthrow the government.
16. He had a clandestine meeting with a rival company's representative.
17. She was involved in a clandestine relationship with her boss.
18. The organization had a clandestine agenda to control the media.
19. He had a clandestine affair with his best friend's wife.
20. She was involved in a clandestine scheme to defraud the company.
21. The government had a clandestine program to spy on its citizens.
22. He had a clandestine plan to escape from prison.
23. She was involved in a clandestine conspiracy to sabotage the project.
24. The company had a clandestine policy to discriminate against minorities.
25. She deserved better than these clandestine encounters with a married man.
26. He has been having a clandestine affair with his personal secretary for months.
27. It was a clandestine affair between two young lovers from rival families.
28. The group held their clandestine meetings in the basement to avoid detection.
29. His clandestine meetings with enemy had been secretly recorded.



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