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How to pronounce clear (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'clear'

Easily understood, easily seen, or free from ambiguity or obscurity.
"The water in the lake was clear and pristine."

Detailed Meaning of 'clear'

When something is clear, it is transparent, evident, or unambiguous, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstanding. In terms of comprehension, a clear explanation or presentation is one that is articulate, concise, and easily grasped by the intended audience. Clear can also refer to something that is perceptible or visible without obstruction or haze, such as a clear sky or a clear view. Additionally, clear can describe a state of purity, freedom from impurities, or absence of clutter or obstruction. It implies a sense of openness, simplicity, or directness. Overall, the adjective 'clear' emphasizes the quality of being easy to perceive, understand, or perceive accurately, whether it pertains to communication, visibility, or simplicity.

History and Etymology of 'clear'

The adjective 'clear' has a straightforward etymology rooted in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'clǣr,' which meant 'pure' or 'bright.' This term is akin to the Old High German word 'klar,' which had similar meanings of 'clear' or 'pure.' Over time, 'clear' evolved to encompass a broader range of meanings, including being easily understood, easily seen, or free from ambiguity or obscurity. Its etymology reflects the inherent connection between brightness and clarity, as something that is 'clear' is often associated with being well-lit and easily visible, and by extension, easy to comprehend or transparent in meaning. Thus, the etymology of 'clear' underscores its fundamental relationship with the concepts of brightness, transparency, and understanding.

Examples of 'clear' in a Sentence

1. In the clear morning light, the city's skyline was stunning.
2. The instructions were written in clear, easy-to-follow language.
3. The evidence presented in court was crystal clear.
4. A clear consensus emerged among the committee members.
5. Her clear understanding of the subject matter impressed everyone.
6. The surgeon maintained a clear and steady hand during the procedure.
7. The road signs provided clear guidance for travelers.
8. The message's intent was abundantly clear to all recipients.
9. The report offered a clear analysis of the market trends.
10. His clear enunciation made him an effective public speaker.
11. The lake's surface was so clear that fish were visible from the shore.
12. The contract's terms and conditions were transparent and clear-cut.
13. The instructions on the medication label were exceptionally clear.
14. A clear consensus emerged after hours of constructive discussion.
15. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.
16. The speaker had a clear and confident voice that captivated the audience.
17. She had a clear vision of her goals and how to achieve them.
18. The evidence presented in court made it clear that the defendant was guilty.
19. The teacher provided clear examples to illustrate the concept to the students.
20. The map had clear markings to guide hikers along the trail.
21. The singer hit the high note with a clear and melodious voice.
22. The sign indicated a clear path to the nearest exit.
23. His explanation brought clarity to the complex topic.
24. The starry night sky was clear, allowing for excellent stargazing.
25. The report presented a clear analysis of the market trends.





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