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How to pronounce explicit (audio)

Dictionary definition of explicit

Stated clearly and directly, without any ambiguity or vagueness.
"The instructions were explicit and easy to follow."

Detailed meaning of explicit

It can also refer to something that is depicted or shown in a direct and graphic manner, such as in a movie or book. In programming, explicit refers to the act of explicitly defining or stating a variable or function, as opposed to implicit or assumed. In general, explicit means something that is directly and clearly stated, leaving no room for confusion or interpretation.

Example sentences containing explicit

1. The video contained explicit content and was not suitable for all audiences.
2. The contract included explicit terms and conditions.
3. His statement was explicit in its meaning and left no room for interpretation.
4. The warning on the label was explicit, stating the product was hazardous to one's health.
5. The article contained explicit language and was not suitable for children.
6. The book was explicit in its description of the events.

History and etymology of explicit

The adjective 'explicit' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'explicitus,' which is the past participle of 'explicare,' combining 'ex,' meaning 'out,' and 'plicare,' meaning 'to fold' or 'to weave.' Originally, 'explicit' was used in the context of manuscripts and scrolls, where it referred to the unfolding or unrolling of a text to reveal its content clearly. Over time, its usage expanded to describe anything that is stated clearly and directly, without any ambiguity or vagueness. When something is said to be 'explicit,' it implies that it leaves nothing hidden or folded, making its meaning or content readily apparent. This term underscores the idea of transparency and clarity in communication. Therefore, the etymology of 'explicit' reflects its historical connection to the concept of unfolding or revealing, highlighting its role in describing things that are stated with absolute clarity and without any hidden meanings, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of explicit

1. The instructions for assembly were explicit, with detailed diagrams and instructions.
2. The policy was explicit in stating that discrimination would not be tolerated.
3. The permission given was explicit and granted specific rights.
4. The information provided was explicit and covered all the necessary details.
5. The agreement was explicit in outlining the responsibilities of each party.
6. The contract contains explicit terms and conditions, clearly outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties.
7. Her instructions were explicit and left no room for misunderstanding, ensuring everyone knew their role in the project.
8. The warning label provides explicit safety guidelines, emphasizing potential hazards and precautions.
9. The movie includes explicit scenes that are intended for mature audiences due to their graphic nature.
10. The teacher gave explicit and comprehensive details about the research project, leaving no ambiguity for the students.
11. The email contained explicit step-by-step instructions on the next actions to be taken, making the process straightforward.
12. The novel's explicit content, including scenes of intense violence and explicit language, sparked controversy among readers.
13. The agreement's explicit language and clauses protected the interests of both parties involved in the business deal.
14. The map had explicit directions, complete with landmarks and distances, making navigation simple.
15. He made his expectations explicit to avoid any potential misunderstandings or misinterpretations of his intentions.
16. The rules of the game were explicit, ensuring a fair and competitive environment for all participants.
17. The company's privacy policy included explicit guidelines on how customer data would be handled and protected.
18. The recipe offered explicit and detailed steps for cooking perfection, making it accessible to novice chefs.
19. The document provided explicit evidence of wrongdoing, leaving no doubt about the allegations.
20. The political speech delivered explicit promises to the voters, outlining specific policy changes and reforms.
21. The contract's explicit clause regarding dispute resolution outlined the process for addressing disagreements between parties.
22. The warning sign featured explicit danger symbols and clear instructions to ensure safety in the area.
23. The report included explicit recommendations for improvement, offering a clear roadmap for addressing the identified issues.
24. The textbook contained explicit explanations of complex scientific concepts, making them accessible to students of all levels.
25. Her testimony provided explicit and vivid details of the incident, helping the court understand the events that transpired.



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