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How to pronounce climatic (audio)

Dictionary definition of climatic

Relating to or influenced by the climate or weather conditions of a particular region or period.
"The climatic conditions in the desert are extremely hot and arid."

Detailed meaning of climatic

When something is described as climatic, it means it is significant or crucial in terms of climate impact or has a strong connection to the prevailing weather patterns. The term is often used to describe events, changes, or phenomena that are climatically driven or have a profound effect on the climate system. It can refer to the climatic conditions of a specific area, such as a climatic zone or a climatic region characterized by distinct weather patterns. 'Climatic' can also denote the peak or culmination of a climatic sequence or a significant moment or turning point in a particular climate-related process. Overall, the adjective 'climatic' highlights the relationship between a given phenomenon and the climate, underscoring the importance of weather conditions in shaping and influencing various aspects of the natural world and human activities.

Example sentences of climatic

1. Climatic conditions greatly influence the vegetation of a region.
2. The study focuses on the climatic changes over the past century.
3. Climatic factors play a significant role in agricultural productivity.
4. The climatic extremes in this region make life challenging.
5. Scientists are researching the impacts of climatic changes on wildlife.
6. This region experiences climatic variations between seasons.

History and etymology of climatic

The adjective 'climatic' has its roots in the Greek word 'klima,' which originally referred to a sloping surface or inclination. In Ancient Greece, this term was used to describe the Earth's latitudinal zones, each with its own distinct climate and weather patterns. The concept of different climates associated with varying latitudes laid the foundation for the modern usage of 'climatic' to describe conditions influenced by the climate or weather of a specific region or time period. Over centuries, the term evolved through Latin and eventually into English, reflecting the connection between geography, climate, and the environment. Understanding the etymology of 'climatic' helps us appreciate how it encapsulates the notion of climate's impact on the characteristics and conditions of a given place or era.

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Further usage examples of climatic

1. The climatic conditions of the Sahara Desert are harsh and unforgiving.
2. Human activities are contributing to rapid climatic changes globally.
3. The climatic data collected will help predict future weather patterns.
4. There are striking climatic differences between the equator and the poles.
5. Understanding climatic influences is crucial for sustainable farming.
6. The Amazon rainforest plays a critical role in global climatic regulation.
7. Our team is studying the climatic conditions conducive to tornado formation.
8. Melting glaciers are visible evidence of climatic change.
9. The climatic conditions of this island make it a perfect habitat for unique species.
10. We need to address the issue of climatic change urgently.
11. Climatic variations have impacted traditional migratory patterns.
12. Tropical countries typically have climatic conditions that favor biodiversity.
13. The report includes detailed analysis of the region's climatic patterns.
14. Climatic modeling helps us understand potential future climate scenarios.



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