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How to pronounce codswallop (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'codswallop'

Nonsense, balderdash, or absurd and meaningless talk.
"The article was full of codswallop masquerading as facts."

Detailed meaning of 'codswallop'

It denotes ideas, statements, or information that are considered foolish, exaggerated, or untrue. Codswallop is often used to express disbelief, dismissiveness, or to call out someone for talking nonsense. The term carries a light-hearted tone and is commonly employed in casual conversations or informal settings. Its usage conveys a sense of playful incredulity and is a way to express skepticism or mockingly challenge the validity or logic of what has been said. Codswallop is an expressive and colorful term that adds a touch of humor and whimsy to conversations where absurd or nonsensical statements are being discussed.

History and etymology of 'codswallop'

The term 'codswallop' has a rather intriguing etymology. It is believed to have originated in the early 20th century in England. The precise origins of the word are somewhat obscure, but one theory suggests that it might have evolved from two separate words. 'Cod' might have come from the slang term for 'herring,' which was often associated with poor quality or cheap food. 'Wallop,' on the other hand, originally referred to a heavy blow or strike. Over time, 'codswallop' began to be used metaphorically to describe something that was not only of low quality but also nonsensical or absurd, as if it were a heavy blow to one's sense of reason. Thus, this delightful word came to represent the notion of utter nonsense or balderdash.

Example sentences containing 'codswallop'

1. The politician's statement was met with eye rolls and shouts of "codswallop!"
2. I've heard a lot of codswallop in my life, but that takes the cake.
3. The salesman's pitch was so full of codswallop, I couldn't take him seriously.
4. He tried to convince us with a long speech, but it was all codswallop from start to finish.
5. His explanation was pure codswallop, devoid of any logic.
6. I can't believe people buy into such codswallop.
7. The conspiracy theory was nothing but codswallop.
8. He dismissed the idea as sheer codswallop.
9. That argument is complete codswallop.
10. Don't waste your time on such codswallop.
11. The article was filled with scientific codswallop.
12. She exposed his claims as total codswallop.
13. His excuses were nothing more than codswallop.
14. The politician's promises sounded like codswallop.
15. His theories were regarded as pseudoscientific codswallop.
16. We shouldn't entertain such blatant codswallop.
17. The speaker spouted codswallop throughout the presentation.
18. It's frustrating to listen to such blatant codswallop.
19. The conspiracy theory was pure codswallop.
20. She couldn't tolerate his continuous codswallop.
21. He had a talent for spouting nonsensical codswallop.
22. The movie's plot was a jumble of codswallop.
23. Their explanation sounded like utter codswallop.
24. The so-called expert's claims were pure codswallop.



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