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How to pronounce coherent (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'coherent'

Logically consistent, well-organized, and able to convey ideas or information in a clear and understandable manner.
"She gave a coherent account of the events that led to the accident."

Detailed Meaning of 'coherent'

It is characterized by its ability to clearly and effectively support a particular point of view or conclusion. It's often used to describe an argument or reasoning that is well-structured, sound, and effective in persuading others. An example of a sentence using the word cogent would be "The lawyer presented a cogent argument that convinced the jury of the defendant's innocence."

History and Etymology of 'coherent'

The adjective 'coherent' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'cohaerens,' which is a combination of 'co-' meaning 'together' and 'haerens' meaning 'sticking' or 'clinging.' This combination forms the basis of 'coherent,' emphasizing the idea of things sticking together in a logical and orderly manner. The etymology aptly reflects the meaning of the word in English, describing something that is logically consistent, well-organized, and able to convey ideas or information in a clear and understandable manner. 'Coherent' language or thought is like a well-structured and adhesive composition, where elements fit together seamlessly, ensuring clarity and comprehension.

Examples of 'coherent' in a Sentence

1. The policy proposal lacked a coherent framework, leading to confusion among stakeholders.
2. The therapist helped the patient organize their thoughts into a coherent story.
3. The company's annual report presented a coherent overview of its financial performance.
4. The website's design and layout were coherent, providing a seamless user experience.
5. The detective pieced together the evidence to form a coherent theory about the crime.
6. The architect designed a coherent and functional space that met the client's needs.
7. The politician's speech lacked coherence, jumping from one topic to another.
8. The team's brainstorming session resulted in a coherent plan of action.
9. The scientific research paper presented a coherent analysis of the experimental findings.
10. The musician composed a coherent and harmonious melody that resonated with the audience.
11. The project manager ensured that all the tasks were completed in a coherent sequence.
12. The newspaper article provided a coherent summary of the complex legal case.
13. The teacher praised the student's coherent writing style, highlighting their clarity of thought.
14. The film's plotline was coherent and engaging, keeping the viewers invested in the story.





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