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How to pronounce cohesive (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'cohesive'

Exhibiting a strong sense of unity, connection, or integration among its parts or elements.
"The family was a cohesive unit and always supported each other."

Detailed Meaning of 'cohesive'

When a group, organization, team, or concept is characterized as cohesive, it means that its components work together harmoniously, forming a well-integrated and interconnected whole. Cohesiveness often implies a shared purpose or common objectives that bind individuals or elements together, fostering cooperation and collaboration. In a cohesive team, for example, members support each other and work towards a common goal, while cohesive writing flows smoothly and logically, with ideas and paragraphs seamlessly connected. This term underscores the idea that the various parts of the entity or concept are closely linked and mutually reinforcing, leading to a sense of coherence and effectiveness.

History and Etymology of 'cohesive'

The adjective 'cohesive' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'cohaerere,' where 'co-' signifies 'together' or 'with,' and 'haerere' means 'to stick' or 'to adhere.' Thus, 'cohaerere' essentially means 'to stick together' or 'to cling together.' This Latin origin aptly conveys the idea of elements or parts being closely connected and united, much like how things that stick together maintain a strong bond. Consequently, when we describe something as 'cohesive,' we are essentially highlighting its quality of exhibiting a strong sense of unity, connection, or integration among its various components or parts, reflecting the root meaning of 'cohaerere' in its etymology.

Examples of 'cohesive' in a Sentence

1. Their cohesive friendship endured through life's challenges.
2. A cohesive strategy is essential for project success.
3. The city's diverse neighborhoods formed a cohesive whole.
4. A cohesive curriculum ensures consistent learning outcomes.
5. The band's music was a harmonious, cohesive blend.
6. A cohesive community supports its members in times of need.
7. The design team created a cohesive visual identity.
8. A cohesive approach to problem-solving yields better solutions.
9. The group's cohesive spirit made them a formidable team.
10. A cohesive argument persuades with logical connections.
11. The cohesive layout of the garden pleased visitors.
12. A cohesive brand image strengthens customer loyalty.
13. Their cohesive efforts improved the company's efficiency.
14. A cohesive society values inclusivity and diversity.The team was able to work together in a cohesive manner to complete the project.
15. The company had a cohesive culture that fostered teamwork and innovation.
16. The coach emphasized the importance of a cohesive defense strategy.
17. The classroom was a cohesive community where students felt supported and encouraged.
18. The band had a cohesive sound that was the result of years of practice.
19. The book was praised for its cohesive narrative structure.
20. The organization was able to achieve its goals thanks to its cohesive leadership team.
21. The speech was well-received due to its cohesive arguments and logical flow.
22. The community was able to come together in a cohesive effort to rebuild after a disaster.
23. The artwork had a cohesive theme that tied all the pieces together.
24. The therapy group was able to bond and support each other in a cohesive environment.





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