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How to pronounce cohort (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'cohort'

A group of people who share a common characteristic or experience.
"The cohort of soldiers were trained together and deployed as a unit."

Detailed meaning of 'cohort'

It refers to a situation where a group of individuals are identified based on a shared trait, such as age, gender, profession, or social status. A cohort may be studied or analyzed as a group in order to gain insight into the characteristics or experiences of that particular population. For example, a cohort study may be conducted to track the health outcomes of individuals who have been exposed to a particular risk factor. The term 'cohort' can also be used more broadly to describe a group of individuals who share a common interest or goal, such as a cohort of students in a particular academic program or a cohort of employees working on a particular project. Overall, the term 'cohort' is used to describe a group of individuals who share a common characteristic or experience, and can be studied or analyzed as a group to gain insight into their unique characteristics or experiences.

History and etymology of 'cohort'

The noun 'cohort' has its origins in ancient Rome. In Latin, 'cohors' referred to a military unit, typically composed of about 500 soldiers, and was the equivalent of a modern-day battalion. Over time, 'cohors' came to represent not only a military unit but also any group or band of people who shared a common characteristic or experience. In contemporary English, a 'cohort' refers to a group of individuals who are linked by a particular trait, shared experience, or demographic characteristic. The term carries a sense of collective identity and camaraderie, whether it pertains to students in the same graduating class, employees in a company's training program, or any other group with a common bond. The etymology of 'cohort' highlights its historical connection to military organization and its evolution into a broader concept of a unified group of individuals.

Example sentences containing 'cohort'

1. Our cohort organized a fundraising event to support a local charity.
2. The cohort of volunteers worked diligently to clean up the neighborhood park.
3. The mentoring program paired each mentee with a senior professional from their cohort.
4. The cohort of entrepreneurs participated in a startup incubator program to develop their business ideas.
5. The cohort of athletes trained rigorously together for the upcoming championship.
6. The cohort of patients received personalized treatment plans based on their individual needs.
7. The cohort of artists collaborated on an art exhibition showcasing their diverse styles.
8. The cohort of teachers attended a professional development workshop to enhance their teaching skills.
9. The cohort of investors analyzed market trends to make informed financial decisions.
10. The cohort of dancers performed a stunning routine at the dance competition.
11. The cohort of researchers published their findings in a prestigious scientific journal.
12. The cohort of students enrolled in the psychology program formed a close bond through their shared courses.
13. The cohort of musicians rehearsed tirelessly to prepare for the orchestra performance.
14. The cohort of professionals attended a leadership retreat to enhance their managerial abilities.



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