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How to pronounce commute (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'commute'

The act of regularly traveling back and forth between one's place of residence and one's place of work or study.
"He had a long commute to work every day, taking over an hour by train."

Detailed meaning of 'commute'

It is typically done on a daily or weekly basis and is a common aspect of modern life for many people. Commuting can be done by various means of transportation such as car, train, bus, bike or by walking.

The length and duration of the commute can vary greatly depending on factors such as the distance between one's home and workplace, traffic conditions, and the availability and efficiency of public transportation. A long commute can be a source of stress and can negatively impact one's quality of life. Some people may choose to live closer to their work or change jobs to reduce their commute time.

The term can also be used as a verb, as in "he commutes to work every day" or "she commutes from the suburbs".
In general, the term implies that there is regular travel done between two places, and that it is often done as part of daily or weekly routine.

History and etymology of 'commute'

The noun 'commute' in the context of regularly traveling between one's place of residence and work or study has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'commutare,' which combines 'com-' (meaning 'altogether' or 'completely') and 'mutare' (meaning 'to change' or 'to exchange'). Therefore, 'commute' etymologically signifies 'to completely change' or 'to exchange regularly.' In modern usage, a 'commute' is the regular journey one makes between home and work or study. The etymology of 'commute' underscores its connection to the idea of exchanging locations on a recurring basis, highlighting the daily shift between two places as a central element of modern life.

Example sentences containing 'commute'

1. The crowded train during rush hour makes the commute quite uncomfortable.
2. My coworker and I carpool to the office to save money and make our commutes more enjoyable.
3. I often catch up on emails and work-related tasks during my daily commute.
4. The scenic views along the river during my commute are a refreshing sight.
5. I've been experimenting with different routes to find the fastest commute to my new job.
6. The snowstorm caused major delays in the morning commute, resulting in many people being late to work.
7. The company offers flexible work hours, allowing employees to avoid peak commute times.
8. I use a mobile app to check real-time traffic updates before starting my commute.
9. The construction on the main road has been causing disruptions in my commute for weeks.
10. I find listening to music helps me relax during my commute and prepare for the day ahead.
11. The introduction of a new subway line has greatly improved the efficiency of my commute.
12. I always make sure to bring a good book to read during my long commute on the train.
13. The reliable public transportation system in the city makes the commute convenient for residents.
14. I enjoy chatting with fellow commuters and exchanging stories during my daily commute.



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