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How to pronounce conceal (audio)


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Dictionary definition of conceal

To hide or keep something out of sight, often with the intention of preventing others from discovering or knowing about it.
"She tried to conceal her disappointment with a forced smile."


Detailed meaning of conceal

When someone 'conceals' something, they deliberately obscure or cover it, making it difficult for others to perceive or find. This term can apply to physical objects, emotions, information, or intentions that are purposely kept hidden or secret. 'Conceal' underscores the act of maintaining privacy, protecting sensitive information, or keeping something discreet, often for various reasons, including personal security, maintaining confidentiality, or safeguarding one's privacy. It implies an element of intention and suggests that the act of hiding is a deliberate choice made by the person or entity involved.

Example sentences containing conceal

1. She tried to conceal her excitement but failed miserably.
2. The spy attempted to conceal the microfilm in a secret compartment.
3. He used a clever disguise to conceal his true identity.
4. The magician's tricks were designed to conceal his methods.
5. The thief cleverly concealed the stolen jewels inside a hollowed-out book.
6. The painting was carefully concealed behind a false wall in the basement.

History and etymology of conceal

The verb 'conceal' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'concelare,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'completely' and 'celare' meaning 'to hide.' Therefore, 'conceal' etymologically signifies the act of completely hiding something. It involves the deliberate effort to keep something out of sight, often with the intention of preventing others from discovering or knowing about it. This term reflects the idea of carefully covering or obscuring an object or information to maintain secrecy or privacy. 'Conceal' has retained its sense of covert or secretive action throughout its linguistic evolution and remains a fundamental word to describe the act of hiding something from view or knowledge.

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Further usage examples of conceal

1. The witness refused to cooperate, hoping to conceal the truth.
2. The detective discovered a hidden compartment that concealed important evidence.
3. The suspect's nervousness betrayed his attempts to conceal something.
4. The politician used vague language to conceal his true intentions.
5. She used her scarf to partially conceal the bruise on her face.
6. The treasure map was concealed within a seemingly ordinary book.
7. The smuggler used a secret compartment in his luggage to conceal contraband.
8. The masked vigilante concealed his true identity from the public.
9. The criminal's face was concealed beneath a dark hood.
10. The spy used advanced encryption techniques to conceal his messages.
11. The fugitive went to great lengths to conceal his whereabouts.
12. The secret document was concealed in a hidden safe.
13. The camouflage pattern helped the soldier conceal himself in the jungle.
14. The actress wore a wig to conceal her natural hair color.



hide, reveal, expose, disclose


Artifice and Falseness, Clandestine and Conniving, Clarify and Elucidate, Dishonesty and Concealment

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