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deceive, reveal, disclose, be honest


GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Guile and Duplicity, Deception and Trickery



How to pronounce dissemble (audio)


Dictionary definition of dissemble

To present a false appearance or to conceal one's true thoughts, feelings, or motives.
"He had to dissemble his disappointment and congratulate the winner."

Detailed meaning of dissemble

It refers to the act of pretending or hiding one's true intentions or emotions, often for the purpose of deception. For example, "He dissembled his anger and smiled through the meeting." This word can also be used to describe the act of hiding or concealing something, such as information or evidence. For example, "She dissembled the evidence and made it look like the accident never happened." In general, "dissemble" implies a deliberate effort to mislead or deceive others and to present a false or deceptive appearance.

Example sentences containing dissemble

1. He tried to dissemble his anger, but his tone betrayed his true feelings.
2. He couldn't help but dissemble his excitement at the news.
3. She learned how to dissemble her thoughts and feelings to protect herself.
4. She was forced to dissemble her involvement in the scandal to save her reputation.
5. He found it difficult to dissemble his anger at the unfair treatment.
6. The spy was trained to dissemble his true allegiance and blend in with the enemy.

History and etymology of dissemble

The verb 'dissemble' has an etymology that traces its roots back to Latin and Old French. It comes from the Latin word 'dissemblare,' which is a combination of 'dis-' meaning 'apart' or 'away,' and 'semblare,' meaning 'to seem' or 'to appear.' In Old French, it became 'dissembler,' carrying forward the sense of appearing apart from one's true self. Over time, 'dissemble' evolved in English to describe the act of presenting a false appearance or concealing one's true thoughts, feelings, or motives. The etymology of 'dissemble' emphasizes the idea of creating a facade or appearance that is different from one's authentic self, highlighting the deceptive and often misleading nature of this behavior.

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Further usage examples of dissemble

1. She had to dissemble her nervousness during the job interview.
2. The thief tried to dissemble his guilt when he was caught stealing.
3. She tried to dissemble her disappointment with a forced smile.
4. The politician attempted to dissemble his involvement in the scandal.
5. She had to dissemble her fear during the high-pressure presentation.
6. He couldn't dissemble his excitement upon receiving the award.
7. The actor could dissemble emotions on cue for any role.
8. She had to dissemble her anger in front of her boss.
9. He couldn't dissemble his admiration for her talents.
10. The defendant's attempts to dissemble were transparent to the jury.
11. The con artist used charm to dissemble his deceit.
12. She tried to dissemble her anxiety before the job interview.
13. He failed to dissemble his surprise at the unexpected news.
14. The diplomat knew how to dissemble to maintain peace.
15. The suspect couldn't dissemble his guilt under interrogation.
16. Her attempt to dissemble her sorrow was evident in her eyes.
17. He couldn't dissemble his enthusiasm for the upcoming trip.
18. The liar continued to dissemble despite mounting evidence.
19. She used humor to dissemble her discomfort in social situations.
20. The actress could dissemble any emotion required for the scene.
21. He tried to dissemble his frustration during the challenging task.
22. The defendant's lawyer advised him not to dissemble in court.

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