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succinct, verbose, wordy, elaborate


Accuracy and Precision, Clarity and Candor, Communication and Expression, Words and Language, Language and Expression 2



How to pronounce concise (audio)


Dictionary definition of concise

Expressed in a brief and clear manner, without unnecessary or redundant details.
"The instructions were concise, making it easy to understand the task."

Detailed meaning of concise

A concise statement or piece of writing conveys the intended message effectively while using the minimum number of words necessary. A concise speaker or writer can convey complex information with brevity and clarity, making their communication efficient and impactful. Being concise is highly valued in many areas, including business, academic writing, and public speaking, as it helps to avoid confusion, boredom, and misinterpretation of information. A concise message is often easier to remember, understand and act upon, making it a valuable skill for effective communication.

Example sentences containing concise

1. The report was concise, providing only the necessary information.
2. The speaker was able to deliver a concise and clear presentation.
3. The article was written in a concise and to-the-point manner.
4. The email was concise and professional, getting straight to the point.
5. The explanation was concise, avoiding unnecessary details.
6. The design was concise, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

History and etymology of concise

The adjective 'concise' has its origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'concisus,' which is the past participle of 'concidere.' This word is formed by combining 'con,' meaning 'together,' and 'caedere,' meaning 'to cut.' The etymology of 'concise' beautifully captures its meaning, suggesting the idea of cutting words together or trimming language to convey information succinctly and clearly. 'Concise' describes something that is expressed in a brief and to-the-point manner, devoid of unnecessary or redundant details. This word highlights the efficiency of language in conveying ideas or information effectively, ensuring that the message is clear and easily understood.

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Further usage examples of concise

1. The questionnaire was concise, consisting of only a few essential questions.
2. The summary was concise, highlighting only the main points of the story.
3. The statement was concise and direct, leaving no room for misinterpretation.
4. The resume was concise, listing only relevant experience and qualifications.
5. The conclusion was concise, summarizing the main findings of the research.
6. Her concise explanation clarified the intricate concept, leaving no room for confusion.
7. The report provided a concise summary of the extensive research findings, saving time.
8. The professor's lecture was both informative and concise, making the subject accessible.
9. Crafting a concise email often proves more effective than sending a lengthy one.
10. The concise user manual streamlined the product setup process, saving frustration.
11. Despite its brevity, the presentation was densely packed with valuable information.
12. The concise policy document efficiently outlined the company's rules and regulations.
13. Please keep your response concise and to the point for a quick review.
14. The brochure offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the local tourist attractions.
15. His concise instructions ensured a smooth and error-free operation of the machinery.
16. In a remarkably concise sentence, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the team.
17. The article's concise writing style effectively engaged readers while delivering key insights.
18. The recipe book provides concise and easy-to-follow cooking instructions for beginners.
19. The book's concise chapters facilitate an efficient and digestible reading experience.
20. The architect's design was a model of sleek and concise modern aesthetics.
21. The report presented the voluminous data in a concise and visually appealing format.
22. Crafting a concise and impactful resume is essential for job seekers in a competitive market.
23. The meeting agenda was meticulously organized into a concise and actionable format.
24. The summary was impressively concise, yet it managed to encapsulate all the critical points.
25. His concise and compelling speech left an indelible impact on the captivated audience.

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