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How to pronounce concourse (audio)


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Dictionary definition of concourse

A large open area, often found in public buildings such as airports, train stations, or convention centers, where people gather and move through.
"The train station concourse was buzzing with commuters rushing to catch their trains."


Detailed meaning of concourse

It can also refer to the act of coming together or the meeting of people at a particular place or event. A concourse typically features a lot of foot traffic, as it serves as a hub for people to come and go from various locations. In addition to being a gathering place, a concourse can also offer amenities such as shops, restaurants, and seating areas for travelers or visitors to relax and wait for their next departure or event. Overall, a concourse is a bustling and dynamic space designed to accommodate large groups of people and serve as a central point for transportation or social interaction.

Example sentences containing concourse

1. The bustling airport concourse was filled with travelers hurrying to their gates.
2. The convention center's grand concourse showcased impressive displays from various industries.
3. The train station's main concourse was a hub of activity with commuters coming and going.
4. The museum's expansive concourse featured interactive exhibits and art installations.
5. The shopping mall's central concourse was adorned with festive decorations for the holidays.
6. The stadium's concourse was lined with food stands offering a variety of snacks.

History and etymology of concourse

The noun 'concourse' has its origins in Latin, where 'concourse' was 'concursus,' derived from 'concurrere,' meaning 'to run together' or 'to assemble.' It entered Middle English through Old French as 'concourse,' retaining its fundamental meaning of a gathering or assembly. In modern usage, a concourse typically refers to a large open area, often found in public buildings such as airports, train stations, or convention centers, where people gather and move through. The etymology of 'concourse' effectively captures the essence of these bustling spaces, emphasizing the idea of people coming together and converging in a central location for various purposes, such as travel, commerce, or social interaction.

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Further usage examples of concourse

1. The conference attendees gathered in the concourse for networking and discussions.
2. The concourse provided a spacious area for passengers to wait before boarding their trains.
3. The university's student center had a lively concourse where students socialized.
4. The concourse of the concert venue buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the show.
5. The concourse of the office building was decorated with modern sculptures and artwork.
6. The athletes warmed up in the indoor concourse before the track and field event.
7. The concourse of the exhibition hall was divided into sections showcasing different industries.
8. The busy concourse of the metro station was a blend of diverse commuters.
9. The shopping center's concourse was lined with shops and boutiques of all kinds.
10. The elegant concourse of the theater was adorned with chandeliers and plush seating.
11. The concourse of the hotel was a welcoming space where guests could relax and socialize.
12. The science fair took place in the school's gymnasium concourse, featuring student projects.
13. The sports arena's concourse had concessions selling food, drinks, and merchandise.
14. The university's career fair was held in the main concourse, attracting employers and students.



hall, enclosure, cubicle, cell


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