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How to pronounce foyer (audio)

Dictionary definition of foyer

An entrance hall or a lobby in a building, typically one that is used as a reception area or waiting room.
"The theater's grand foyer was adorned with chandeliers and marble columns."

Detailed meaning of foyer

It is often used to describe the entrance area of a large, formal building such as a hotel, theater, or a grand home, where people wait or gather before being allowed to enter the main part of the building. A foyer is typically a spacious, grand, and well-decorated room that serves as the main entrance to a building or a specific area of it. It can be used for welcoming guests, for ticket or coat check, or for providing information or direction. The foyer is usually the first impression that a visitor has of the building and it is designed to be both functional and visually appealing. It can be simple or grand, depending on the architectural style of the building and the purpose it serves. Overall, the term "foyer" is often used to describe the entrance hall or lobby in a building, typically one that is used as a reception area or waiting room.

Example sentences containing foyer

1. Guests were greeted with elegance as they entered the grand hotel foyer.
2. The foyer's marble floors and chandeliers exuded an air of opulence.
3. The museum's foyer displayed a rotating collection of sculptures and artworks.
4. The theater's foyer buzzed with excitement before the curtain rose for the performance.
5. The cozy foyer of the bed and breakfast featured a fireplace and comfortable seating.
6. The modern office building had a spacious and minimalist foyer.

History and etymology of foyer

The noun 'foyer' finds its origins in the French word 'foyer,' which means 'fireplace' or 'hearth.' In its architectural sense, 'foyer' originally referred to the room in a house where a fire was kept, serving as the center of domestic life and warmth. Over time, the term evolved, and in the 19th century, it came to denote an entrance hall or lobby in a building, typically used as a reception area or waiting room. The etymology of 'foyer' reflects its historical association with the warmth and hearth of a home, even as it transitioned to signify a welcoming and gathering space within larger structures, such as theaters, hotels, or public buildings, where people come together and find respite.

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Further usage examples of foyer

1. The school's main foyer showcased student artwork and achievements.
2. The art gallery's foyer served as a prelude to the creative wonders within.
3. The elegant foyer of the historic mansion featured a sweeping staircase.
4. The restaurant's foyer was decorated with vintage posters and nostalgic memorabilia.
5. The new condo complex had a sleek and inviting foyer with contemporary design.
6. The cultural center's foyer was adorned with artifacts from around the world.
7. The concert venue's foyer was abuzz with patrons purchasing tickets and mingling.
8. The boutique's quaint foyer displayed an array of fashionable accessories.
9. The foyer of the corporate office had a reception desk and waiting area for visitors.
10. The library's foyer had comfortable seating for readers to relax and browse books.
11. The church's foyer was a place for congregants to gather before and after services.
12. The university's foyer was bustling with students during orientation week.
13. The art studio's welcoming foyer showcased the artists' portfolios and recent works.
14. The mansion's foyer served as a welcoming space for guests to gather before events.



lobby, exterior, outside, façade


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