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How to pronounce confused (audio)


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Dictionary definition of confused

Disoriented, uncertain, or lacking clarity in one's thoughts, feelings, or understanding.
"Her confused expression showed that she didn't understand the instructions."

Detailed meaning of confused

When someone is confused, they experience a sense of mental perplexity or bewilderment, often resulting from conflicting information, contradictory emotions, or a lack of comprehension. A confused individual may find it challenging to make sense of their surroundings, make decisions, or understand the cause-and-effect relationships of a situation. They may feel uncertain, lost, or unable to clearly articulate their thoughts or feelings. Confusion can arise from various factors, such as complex instructions, conflicting opinions, overwhelming circumstances, or the presence of multiple options. It is a temporary state that often requires further information, clarification, or reflection to regain mental clarity and understanding.

Example sentences containing confused

1. The student looked confused as she tried to solve the complex math problem.
2. I felt confused by the sudden change in plans.
3. The conflicting advice from different people left her feeling confused about what to do.
4. The toddler looked confused when faced with a new toy.
5. The patient seemed confused after waking up from anesthesia.
6. The teacher noticed the confused looks on the students' faces and decided to provide further explanation.

History and etymology of confused

The adjective 'confused' is rooted in the Latin word 'confusus,' which is the past participle of 'confundere.' 'Confundere' is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'fundere' meaning 'to pour' or 'to mix.' This etymology eloquently captures the essence of 'confused' as a state of being mentally mixed or disoriented, where thoughts, feelings, or understanding are jumbled together, lacking clarity or direction. It implies a sense of uncertainty and perplexity, often accompanied by a feeling of being lost or disoriented in one's mind. The term 'confused' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of mental mixing and blending, highlighting the resulting state of disorientation or lack of clarity in one's thoughts or feelings.

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Further usage examples of confused

1. I felt a bit confused after reading the dense and technical article.
2. The traveler became confused by the foreign signs in the bustling city.
3. The sudden power outage left everyone in the building feeling confused and disoriented.
4. The driver took a wrong turn and ended up in a maze of confused streets.
5. The actor's improvised lines caused a confused reaction from the other cast members.
6. She looked utterly confused by the sudden turn of events.
7. His expression remained consistently puzzled and confused.
8. I'm feeling increasingly confused about the conflicting advice.
9. The complex data left even the experts feeling confused.
10. The chaotic scene at the accident left witnesses confused.
11. He seemed genuinely confused about the conflicting reports.
12. The maze-like structure of the building left me thoroughly confused.
13. The contradictory statements from the witness left everyone confused.
14. The foggy conditions on the road made drivers feel disoriented and confused.
15. The rapidly changing circumstances left me feeling deeply confused.
16. I'm still very confused about the mixed messages she sends.
17. The intricate plot of the movie left many viewers thoroughly confused.
18. The lack of clear instructions has left the team feeling quite confused.
19. The convoluted reasoning behind the decision left us all confused.
20. The constantly shifting rules have left students feeling confused.
21. The blurred boundaries between the two concepts have left me confused.
22. I'm utterly confused about which path to take in this situation.
23. The overwhelming amount of information left me feeling confused.
24. The disorganized presentation only served to make things more confused.
25. The simultaneous demands from different departments left him feeling deeply confused.



bewildered, clear, lucid, certain


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