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How to pronounce uncertain (audio)


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Dictionary definition of uncertain

Doubt, hesitation, or a lack of confidence about something.
"She felt uncertain about accepting the job offer, as it meant relocating to a new city."


Detailed meaning of uncertain

When something is uncertain, it implies that the outcome, result, or course of action is not known or predicted with certainty. Uncertainty can arise from various factors such as limited information, conflicting evidence, or unpredictable circumstances. It is often accompanied by feelings of ambiguity or indecision. An uncertain situation can be characterized by a lack of clarity or a sense of unpredictability, making it challenging to determine the most appropriate course of action. People may feel uncertain about the future, their decisions, or the outcome of a particular event. Uncertainty can also be subjective, with individuals having different levels of tolerance for ambiguity and differing abilities to handle uncertain situations.

Example sentences containing uncertain

1. The weather forecast remained uncertain, leaving us unsure whether to carry an umbrella.
2. The outcome of the experiment was still uncertain, as the results were inconclusive.
3. The student's performance in the exam was uncertain, as they struggled with the subject.
4. The company's future was uncertain due to the ongoing economic downturn.
5. He had an uncertain feeling about the new relationship, unsure of where it would lead.
6. The political situation created an atmosphere of uncertainty, with citizens unsure of what the future held.

History and etymology of uncertain

The adjective 'uncertain' can be examined by breaking it down into its root word, 'certain.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is utilized to negate or reverse the quality of being 'certain.' 'Certain' has its origins in the Latin word 'certus,' which means 'fixed,' 'settled,' or 'determined.' 'Certus' is related to the Latin verb 'cernere,' meaning 'to discern' or 'to decide.' Over time, 'certain' evolved in the English language to describe a state of assurance, confidence, and absence of doubt. Consequently, 'uncertain' signifies the opposite, denoting doubt, hesitation, or a lack of confidence about something, with its etymology deeply rooted in the historical development of 'certain.'

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Further usage examples of uncertain

1. The stock market experienced fluctuations, causing investors to feel uncertain about their portfolios.
2. The doctor's diagnosis was uncertain, and further tests were needed for a definitive answer.
3. The team faced an uncertain future as key players were considering leaving the club.
4. The traveler was uncertain about which route to take, as the signs were confusing.
5. The child looked uncertainly at the unfamiliar food, unsure if they would like its taste.
6. His uncertain demeanor hinted at hidden worries.
7. An uncertain future loomed on the horizon.
8. She faced an uncertain path after graduation.
9. The stock market's performance was highly uncertain.
10. Uncertain weather made planning the picnic tricky.
11. The outcome of the experiment remained uncertain.
12. Their relationship was marked by uncertain feelings.
13. He was uncertain about accepting the job offer.
14. Uncertain circumstances forced a change of plans.
15. The path ahead was shrouded in uncertain darkness.
16. The meeting left us with an uncertain sense of direction.
17. Uncertain times require adaptable strategies.
18. The patient's condition remained uncertain.
19. Uncertain decisions led to regret in the long run.
20. The economy's future appeared increasingly uncertain.
21. Uncertain conditions made navigation difficult.
22. She spoke with an uncertain tone in her voice.
23. The project's success remained uncertain until the end.
24. Uncertain relationships can be emotionally draining.
25. In uncertain moments, her resilience shone through.



unsure, certain, sure, confident


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