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How to pronounce connection (audio)

Dictionary definition of connection

A link, bond, or relationship between people, things, or ideas.
"The professor's lecture highlighted the connection between science and philosophy."

Detailed meaning of connection

It signifies a point of contact or interaction that facilitates communication, understanding, or association. A connection can be physical, such as a physical link or joining of objects or systems, enabling the flow of energy, information, or resources. It can also be metaphorical, representing an emotional, intellectual, or social tie between individuals or groups. Connections can be established through shared experiences, shared interests, or shared values, fostering a sense of belonging or commonality. They play a crucial role in human interactions, enabling communication, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. Connections can also refer to the availability or access to a network or system, such as an internet connection or a transportation connection. In various contexts, the noun "connection" emphasizes the fundamental notion of linking or joining, creating a bridge between entities or facilitating the flow of information, emotions, or resources.

Example sentences containing connection

1. The strong connection between the two siblings was evident in their unwavering support for each other.
2. The company's success was greatly attributed to the valuable connections the CEO had in the industry.
3. The Wi-Fi connection in the café was unstable, causing frustration among the customers.
4. The historian made a fascinating connection between two seemingly unrelated historical events.
5. The therapist helped her client establish a deeper connection with their emotions.
6. She relied on her connections in the publishing world to secure a book deal.

History and etymology of connection

The noun 'connection' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'connexionem,' which is derived from 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'nectere' meaning 'to tie' or 'to bind.' This etymology beautifully conveys the essence of 'connection' as a link or bond that ties things 'together,' whether they are people, objects, or ideas. It implies a sense of interdependence and relationship between different elements. The term 'connection' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of binding or tying things together, highlighting the idea of a meaningful and often vital relationship between the connected entities or concepts.

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Further usage examples of connection

1. The bridge provided a vital connection between the two towns, facilitating trade and transportation.
2. The art gallery served as a connection between local artists and art enthusiasts.
3. The spiritual retreat offered individuals a chance to disconnect from technology and reconnect with their inner selves.
4. The concert created a strong connection between the band and their devoted fans.
5. Through social media, she maintained connections with friends and family who lived far away.
6. The strong connection between them was undeniable.
7. The connection between art and emotion is profound.
8. A reliable internet connection is essential today.
9. The deep connection between music and the soul is universal.
10. Their friendship was built on a genuine connection.
11. The electrical connection was loose, causing the issue.
12. The connection between the two events was unclear.
13. We share a special connection with our pets.
14. The spiritual connection with nature was enlightening.
15. The telephone line had a poor connection.
16. Our connection transcends distance and time.
17. The dots on the map represent flight connections.
18. A strong family connection provides a support system.
19. The connection between science and art is fascinating.
20. The power outage disrupted our internet connection.
21. They had a magnetic connection from the start.
22. The connection between the facts was evident.
23. The teacher fostered a deep connection with her students.
24. The shared connection to a hobby brought them together.
25. A secure VPN ensures a private internet connection.



bond, disconnection, separation, isolation


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