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How to pronounce bond (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'bond'

To establish a close connection, emotional attachment, or mutual understanding between individuals or entities.
"The couple's road trip helped them bond and create lasting memories."

Detailed Meaning of 'bond'

When individuals bond, they develop a sense of affinity, trust, or rapport with one another. It involves forming a strong and meaningful relationship, often based on shared experiences, values, or interests. Bonding can occur in various contexts, including personal relationships, friendships, or professional collaborations. It encompasses the development of a sense of unity, solidarity, or loyalty within a group or between individuals. The act of bonding often involves spending quality time together, engaging in shared activities, and fostering open and honest communication. It can also involve the creation of bonds or connections between ideas, concepts, or entities, leading to a cohesive or harmonious whole. Overall, the verb "bond" represents the process of forming and strengthening connections, fostering unity, and cultivating relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

History and Etymology of 'bond'

The verb 'bond' has an intriguing etymology rooted in Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'bindan,' which means 'to tie with a band or cord.' This Old English term, in turn, has Germanic origins, stemming from the Proto-Germanic word 'bindanan.' The concept of forming connections or attachments by tying or binding is evident in this etymological journey. Over time, 'bindan' evolved into the Middle English 'bonden,' which ultimately gave rise to the modern English verb 'bond.' Thus, the word 'bond' preserves its ancient ties to the act of binding or connecting, which is metaphorically extended to describe the establishment of close connections, emotional attachments, or mutual understandings between individuals or entities.

Examples of 'bond' in a Sentence

1. The soldiers formed a tight bond during their time serving together.
2. The siblings' bond grew stronger as they faced challenges together.
3. The mentor and mentee developed a close bond through their interactions.
4. The community came together, forming a bond of unity and resilience.
5. The characters in the book share a bond that transcends time and space.
6. The teacher worked hard to build a bond of trust with her students.
7. The team-building activities were designed to foster a bond among colleagues.
8. The couple's bond deepened as they shared their hopes and dreams.
9. The therapy dog helps patients form a bond and provide emotional support.
10. The volunteer work created a bond between the participants and the community.
11. The coach emphasized the importance of a strong bond within the team.
12. The business partners formed a bond based on shared goals and values.
13. The adoption process helped create a bond between the child and their new family.
14. The mentorship program aims to foster a bond between experienced professionals and newcomers.





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