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How to pronounce conquer (audio)

Dictionary definition of conquer

To overcome, defeat, or gain control over something or someone, typically through force, skill, or determination.
"She aimed to conquer the business world by starting her own successful company."

Detailed meaning of conquer

When one conquers, they successfully subdue, master, or prevail over a challenge, obstacle, or opponent. It involves the act of achieving victory, dominance, or mastery in a particular domain or situation. Conquering can take various forms, such as conquering fears, conquering territories in warfare, or conquering personal goals and aspirations. It often requires courage, perseverance, and the ability to strategize and adapt to overcome adversity. By conquering, individuals or entities assert their power, authority, or influence, and establish themselves as the prevailing force. Ultimately, the verb "conquer" encapsulates the act of triumphing over challenges or opponents to achieve success, control, or mastery.

Example sentences containing conquer

1. They set out to conquer the mountain peak.
2. With determination, he will conquer his fears.
3. The army planned their strategy to conquer the enemy territory.
4. She aspires to conquer new heights in her career.
5. He trained hard to conquer the marathon race.
6. The explorer aimed to conquer uncharted lands.

History and etymology of conquer

The verb 'conquer' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'conquērere,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'completely' and 'quērere' meaning 'to seek' or 'to obtain.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'conquer' as the act of completely seeking or obtaining control over something or someone, typically through force, skill, or determination. It implies a determined and often relentless effort to overcome obstacles or opposition and emerge victorious. The term 'conquer' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of achieving mastery or dominance through resolute action, highlighting the idea of triumph and control over challenges and adversaries.

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Further usage examples of conquer

1. They joined forces to conquer the challenges ahead.
2. She studied diligently to conquer the difficult subject.
3. The conqueror's name will go down in history.
4. The team is determined to conquer the championship title.
5. They fought valiantly to conquer their rivals.
6. He overcame numerous obstacles to conquer his goals.
7. The conqueror stood victorious on the battlefield.
8. She had a fierce spirit that allowed her to conquer any adversity.
9. They will not rest until they conquer their dreams.
10. The conqueror established a new empire.
11. She strategized meticulously to conquer the opponent's defenses.
12. The explorers were driven by a desire to conquer the unknown.
13. He used his intelligence and wit to conquer the challenges.
14. The conqueror's legacy inspired future generations.



subdue, lose, surrender, capitulate


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