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How to pronounce crush (audio)

Dictionary definition of crush

An intense and often short-lived infatuation or romantic attraction towards someone.
"Emily's heart skipped a beat whenever she saw her crush walking down the hallway."

Detailed meaning of crush

It describes a strong desire or admiration that one person has for another, often accompanied by a sense of longing and excitement. A crush typically involves feelings of butterflies in the stomach, daydreaming about the person, and a heightened awareness of their presence. It is characterized by an intense emotional response and a sense of euphoria when interacting with or thinking about the individual of interest. A crush can be based on physical attraction, personality traits, or a combination of both. It is a common experience during adolescence but can occur at any age. While a crush may be exciting and thrilling, it is important to differentiate it from a long-term, meaningful relationship.

Example sentences containing crush

1. Sarah has had a crush on her classmate since the beginning of the semester.
2. Mark couldn't concentrate on his work because his crush was sitting nearby.
3. The excitement was palpable as Jane finally mustered the courage to confess her crush to her best friend.
4. Every time James spoke to his crush, he couldn't help but stumble over his words.
5. Summer camp was filled with giggles and whispers as the kids shared their secret crushes.
6. Katie's crush asked her to the school dance, and she couldn't stop smiling.

History and etymology of crush

The noun 'crush' has an interesting etymology. It is believed to originate from the Old French word 'croissir,' which means 'to break' or 'to crush.' The idea of crushing or breaking suggests the intense and overwhelming emotions that can be associated with an infatuation or romantic attraction. In the context of a romantic 'crush,' it conveys the notion that one's feelings are so strong that they can feel emotionally overwhelming, as if their heart is figuratively being crushed or broken by the intensity of their emotions. This etymology captures the essence of a 'crush' as a brief yet powerful romantic fascination or infatuation, marked by a sense of being emotionally overwhelmed or smitten.

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Further usage examples of crush

1. The love letter was carefully written, expressing all the feelings that the sender had for their crush.
2. Chris couldn't contain his happiness when his crush agreed to go on a date with him.
3. The school hallway became a nerve-wracking place for Tom, always hoping to catch a glimpse of his crush.
4. Sam's crush on the lead singer of the band made their concert experience even more electrifying.
5. The group of friends playfully teased Mark about his obvious crush on their new neighbor.
6. Her high school crush turned into a lifelong friendship.
7. A teenage crush can be both thrilling and confusing.
8. He kept his crush on a colleague a secret.
9. Their mutual crush blossomed into a beautiful romance.
10. A crush at first sight can leave you speechless.
11. The chemistry between them was undeniable in their crush.
12. She giggled with her friends about her crush on the barista.
13. His heart raced whenever he saw his crush.
14. The summer camp crush left lasting memories.
15. They shared stories of their childhood crushes.
16. Admitting a crush can be nerve-wracking.
17. A crush can inspire you to be your best self.
18. Some crushes remain unspoken, hidden in the heart.
19. The song reminded her of her teenage crush.
20. Crushes often bring a sense of youthful exuberance.
21. She finally mustered the courage to ask out her crush.
22. Crushes can be the source of both joy and heartache.
23. The school dance was the perfect setting for a crush.
24. He couldn't help but smile when he thought of his crush.
25. A crush can teach valuable lessons about emotions.



infatuation, aversion, dislike, disinterest


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