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How to pronounce contagion (audio)


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Dictionary definition of contagion

The transmission or spread of a disease, illness, or harmful influence from one person, organism, or object to another.
"The contagion of laughter swept through the room, creating a joyful atmosphere."

Detailed meaning of contagion

It represents the process by which infectious agents, such as viruses or bacteria, are passed on, resulting in the propagation of the illness within a population or environment. Contagion can occur through direct physical contact, respiratory droplets, contaminated surfaces, or vectors like insects. It signifies the ability of an infectious agent to transfer and infect individuals or other susceptible organisms. However, "contagion" can also be used metaphorically to describe the rapid spread or diffusion of ideas, emotions, behaviors, or attitudes among people or within a society. In this context, it implies the transfer and amplification of concepts or traits from one person to another, often through interpersonal interactions or media dissemination. Overall, "contagion" refers to the process of transmitting and spreading diseases or influences, both literally and figuratively.

Example sentences containing contagion

1. The doctor emphasized the importance of handwashing to prevent contagion.
2. The rapid contagion of the flu caused widespread panic in the community.
3. Social distancing measures were implemented to slow down the contagion.
4. The contagious person was isolated to prevent further contagion.
5. The outbreak led to a chain of contagion within the region.
6. The contagion spread rapidly through the crowded urban areas.

History and etymology of contagion

The noun 'contagion' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'contagio,' which is derived from 'contingere,' combining 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'tingere' meaning 'to touch.' This etymology effectively conveys the essence of 'contagion' as the transmission or spread of a disease, illness, or harmful influence through touching or close contact. It implies the transfer of a condition or influence from one person, organism, or object to another when they come into contact. The term 'contagion' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of touching and spreading, emphasizing the ease with which certain diseases or influences can be transmitted from one entity to another, often through physical proximity or interaction.

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Further usage examples of contagion

1. The healthcare workers took precautions to minimize the risk of contagion.
2. The contagion of fear and uncertainty affected the stock market.
3. The government implemented travel restrictions to contain the contagion.
4. The contagion of enthusiasm among the team led to increased productivity.
5. The media played a role in amplifying the contagion of panic during the crisis.
6. The rapid contagion of the virus alarmed health officials.
7. Contagion control measures are crucial during an outbreak.
8. Fear can be a powerful contagion in times of crisis.
9. Contagion among the school children led to a closure.
10. Understanding the contagion mechanism is vital for containment.
11. Contagion prevention relies on hygiene and vaccination.
12. The financial contagion spread rapidly through global markets.
13. The contagion of misinformation can be detrimental.
14. Isolation is essential to prevent contagion in hospitals.
15. The economic contagion impacted businesses worldwide.
16. Contagion of fear can lead to irrational behavior.
17. Social distancing helps curb contagion in crowded areas.
18. Contagion awareness campaigns aim to educate the public.
19. The contagion rate of the disease varies by region.
20. The emotional contagion in the room was palpable.
21. Contagion from neighboring countries posed a threat.
22. Contagion control relies on effective contact tracing.
23. Contagion models help predict disease spread.
24. Contagion containment requires a coordinated effort.
25. Misinformation can fuel the contagion of panic.



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