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How to pronounce corrugated (audio)

Dictionary definition of corrugated

Shaped into a series of alternating ridges and grooves or parallel folds.
"The metal roofing was made from corrugated steel sheets."

Detailed meaning of corrugated

This distinctive pattern of ridges and valleys is created intentionally to increase the strength, durability, or flexibility of the material. Corrugated materials, such as corrugated cardboard or metal sheets, are commonly used in packaging, construction, and industrial applications because their corrugated structure enhances their structural integrity and provides additional rigidity while minimizing weight. This unique design also often serves to improve insulation and can be found in roofing materials, pipes, and various types of packaging boxes. "Corrugated" essentially describes an object or material that has been shaped with a repeating, wavy pattern to enhance its functional characteristics.

Example sentences containing corrugated

1. The corrugated metal roof rattled in the wind during the storm.
2. Her corrugated cardboard art installation wowed the gallery visitors.
3. The corrugated plastic panels provided insulation for the greenhouse.
4. The corrugated surface of the desert dunes shimmered in the sun.
5. His corrugated steel sculpture evoked an industrial aesthetic.
6. The corrugated texture of the tree bark provided a foothold for climbers.

History and etymology of corrugated

The term 'corrugated' finds its origins in the Latin word 'corrugare,' where 'cor-' means 'together' or 'with,' and 'rugare' means 'wrinkle' or 'crease.' This Latin word evolved into the Late Latin 'corrugatus,' which meant 'wrinkled' or 'furrowed.' Over time, this word made its way into Middle English as 'corrugat,' still carrying the sense of being folded or wrinkled. Eventually, it transformed into the modern English adjective 'corrugated,' describing a surface that is shaped into a series of alternating ridges and grooves or parallel folds, much like the appearance of wrinkles or furrows.

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Further usage examples of corrugated

1. The old barn had a weathered, corrugated tin roof.
2. The packaging was made from corrugated cardboard for durability.
3. The corrugated pipe directed water away from the foundation.
4. The artist used corrugated paper to create a textured collage.
5. The corrugated iron fence encircled the abandoned property.
6. The trail led through a corrugated canyon of red rock.
7. The corrugated rubber mat prevented slipping by the pool.
8. The corrugated surface of the glacier held ancient secrets.
9. His voice echoed in the corrugated tunnel beneath the city.
10. The corrugated pattern on the fabric added depth to the design.
11. The corrugated wooden panels gave the cabin a rustic charm.
12. The corrugated plastic sign withstood the elements for years.
13. The artist used corrugated cardboard to create a 3D sculpture.
14. The corrugated roller pressed intricate patterns into the clay.
15. The corrugated cardboard box was sturdy enough to hold the heavy items.
16. The texture of the corrugated paper added depth to the art project.
17. The package was wrapped in corrugated paper to protect it during shipping.
18. The farmer used corrugated tin to build a shelter for his animals.
19. The sound of rain on the corrugated metal roof was soothing.
20. The manufacturer used corrugated plastic to make durable signs for outdoor use.
21. The artist used corrugated cardboard to create a unique 3D sculpture.
22. The street vendor sold food in a corrugated metal stand.
23. The corrugated texture of the material made it easier to grip the surface.
24. The construction workers used corrugated concrete panels to build the wall.
25. The corrugated edge of the paper cutter made a clean cut.



ridged, smooth, flat, even

ACT 13 (American College Testing), Spatial Formations and Design, Shape and Form

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