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How to pronounce covering (audio)


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Dictionary definition of covering

Any material, substance, or structure that is used to conceal, protect, or envelope something.
"The sofa had a plush covering that added elegance to the living room."

Detailed meaning of covering

It is commonly used to describe an outer layer or protective barrier that shields or hides an object, surface, or area. Coverings can take various forms, such as clothing, fabrics, blankets, or layers of protection like roofs, awnings, or canopies. They serve the purpose of safeguarding against external elements, including weather conditions, dirt, damage, or visibility. Coverings can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of an object or area, providing decoration or creating a desired visual effect. Moreover, the term "covering" can also refer to the action of concealing or obscuring something from view, as well as the process of applying or installing a protective layer or material. Overall, coverings play a crucial role in preserving, safeguarding, and transforming objects or spaces, providing functionality, comfort, and visual appeal.

Example sentences containing covering

1. The umbrella provided a protective covering from the rain.
2. She wrapped herself in a warm covering to shield against the cold.
3. The car was parked under a covering to protect it from the scorching sun.
4. The tablecloth served as a decorative covering for the dining table.
5. The bookshelf had a dust-resistant covering to keep the books clean.
6. The construction workers wore safety coverings to protect themselves from debris.

History and etymology of covering

The noun 'covering' derives its etymological roots from the Middle English word 'coveringe,' which, in turn, can be traced back to the Old English word 'cuoeringe.' Both Middle English and Old English terms shared the fundamental meaning of something that envelops or conceals. These words are related to the verb 'cover,' reflecting the idea of shielding or concealing something from the elements, harm, or view. Over time, 'covering' evolved to encompass a broader range of meanings, referring to any material, substance, or structure used to conceal, protect, or envelope something. This evolution in meaning mirrors the versatility and adaptability of language as it responds to changes in human needs and cultural contexts, making 'covering' a concept deeply rooted in human history and practicality.

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Further usage examples of covering

1. The roof's waterproof covering prevented leaks during heavy rainfall.
2. The painting was stored in a protective covering to prevent damage during transportation.
3. The artist carefully removed the covering to unveil the newly finished artwork.
4. The swimming pool had a covering to keep it clean and free from debris.
5. The ground was covered with a thick layer of snow, creating a white covering across the landscape.
6. The covering on the couch was soft and inviting.
7. Rainfall increased due to the dense cloud covering.
8. He removed the plastic covering from the new phone.
9. The vehicle's covering shielded it from the elements.
10. The camouflage covering blended perfectly with the forest.
11. The covering on the cake was a layer of smooth fondant.
12. She appreciated the warm covering of the cozy blanket.
13. The covering on the book was beautifully designed.
14. The covering of snow transformed the landscape overnight.
15. Protective covering prevented damage during shipping.
16. The sturdy covering of the suitcase kept belongings safe.
17. They peeled off the old wallpaper covering the walls.
18. The waterproof covering kept the picnic basket dry.
19. The desert's sand dunes had a thin, golden covering.
20. The astronaut's suit had multiple layers of protective covering.
21. The covering on the floor was a plush carpet.
22. The icy covering on the pond made it unsafe to skate.
23. The car's covering gleamed after a fresh waxing.
24. She carefully removed the covering from the fragile artifact.
25. The protective covering on the smartphone prevented scratches.



shield, exposure, openness, bareness


TOEFL 8, High School 5, Materials and Substances

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