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bent, straight, aligned, rectilinear


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How to pronounce crooked (audio)


Dictionary definition of crooked

Physically bent, curved, or not straight.
"The detective suspected the businessman was involved in crooked dealings."

Detailed meaning of crooked

For example, a crooked tree branch or a crooked line drawn on paper. Secondly, it can describe something that is morally or ethically dishonest or corrupt. In this sense, a crooked politician or a crooked business deal implies deceit or illicit practices. Additionally, "crooked" can indicate a lack of alignment or accuracy, such as a crooked picture frame or a crooked smile. It can also be used metaphorically to describe an irregular or distorted situation or path, like a crooked road or a crooked path to success. Furthermore, "crooked" can have a slang connotation to describe something unconventional or unconventional in appearance, like a crooked hairstyle or crooked fashion.

Example sentences containing crooked

1. The crooked politician was involved in numerous scandals.
2. The detective suspected that the crooked businessman was engaged in illegal activities.
3. The crooked contractor overcharged clients for subpar construction work.
4. The crooked lawyer manipulated evidence to secure a favorable verdict for his client.
5. The police officer was dismissed from duty after his crooked behavior came to light.
6. The company's crooked practices eventually led to its downfall.

History and etymology of crooked

The adjective 'crooked' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'crōc,' which meant 'bent' or 'crooked.' This Old English term is believed to be related to the Old Norse word 'krókr,' which also referred to something bent or twisted. Over time, 'crooked' came to describe things that were not straight or had a curvature, whether in a literal sense, like a crooked path or a crooked stick, or in a more abstract sense, like a crooked smile or a crooked deal. The etymology of 'crooked' highlights its historical connection to the idea of bending or curving, conveying the notion of deviation from a straight or linear path or form.

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Further usage examples of crooked

1. The crooked accountant embezzled funds from his clients' accounts.
2. The homeowner discovered that the crooked plumber had intentionally caused more damage to increase the repair costs.
3. The crooked salesman used deceptive tactics to sell faulty products.
4. The crooked landlord unlawfully increased the rent without proper justification.
5. The judge was known for his crooked judgments, often favoring influential individuals.
6. The crooked contractor bribed officials to secure government contracts.
7. The crooked financier swindled investors out of their life savings.
8. The police launched an investigation into the crooked casino owner's illegal gambling operations.
9. The company's crooked CEO was eventually caught in a web of fraud.
10. The politician's crooked dealings tarnished the reputation of the entire political party.
11. The crooked mechanic charged exorbitant prices for unnecessary repairs.
12. The crooked landlord refused to return the security deposit despite no damages being done to the property.
13. The journalist exposed the crooked practices of a well-known corporation.
14. The crooked contractor manipulated bidding processes to win contracts unfairly.

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