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Definition of 'crude'

In a raw, unrefined, or unfinished state.
"His crude attempts at painting resulted in messy, unrecognizable shapes."

Detailed Meaning of 'crude'

It is often associated with a lack of sophistication, refinement, or finesse. When applied to materials, "crude" refers to substances that have not undergone extensive processing or purification. It can also describe a product, artwork, or design that lacks refinement or polish. Additionally, the term "crude" can be used to characterize behavior or language that is vulgar, rough, or lacking in tact. Overall, "crude" suggests a primitive or rudimentary quality, highlighting the absence of refinement or sophistication in various aspects.


Examples of 'crude' in a Sentence

1. The crude oil was extracted from the ground and transported for refining.
2. The comedian's crude jokes offended some members of the audience.
3. The villagers used crude tools made from stone and wood for their daily tasks.
4. The explorer stumbled upon a crude shelter made of branches and leaves in the wilderness.
5. The crude language used by the bullies was hurtful and disrespectful.
6. The artist's crude sketch captured the essence of the scene, despite its simplicity.

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Origins & Etymology of 'crude'

The adjective 'crude' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'crudus,' which meant 'raw' or 'uncooked.' In its early usage, 'crudus' was used to describe things that were in their natural, unprocessed state, such as raw food. Over time, the term expanded to include the idea of something being unrefined or lacking sophistication, akin to its raw and uncooked origins. The etymology of 'crude' underscores its historical association with things in their most basic, unprocessed form, or with concepts that are lacking in refinement or sophistication. In its modern usage, 'crude' refers to something that is rough, unrefined, or unfinished, highlighting its connection to the idea of rawness and simplicity.


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