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How to pronounce rugged (audio)
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Dictionary definition of rugged

Characterized by roughness, toughness, or irregularity in texture or terrain.
"The terrain was rugged and difficult to traverse."

Detailed meaning of rugged

It can refer to natural landscapes with steep, uneven, and challenging features, such as rugged mountains, cliffs, or rocky coastlines. In a broader sense, "rugged" can be applied to anything that appears durable, sturdy, or resilient, often suggesting a resistance to wear and tear. When describing a person, it may imply physical toughness or a robust and outdoorsy demeanor. Additionally, "rugged" can be used metaphorically to describe something that is tough, uncompromising, or unpolished in character, adding a sense of strength and authenticity to its description. Whether referring to a landscape, an individual, or an object, "rugged" conveys a sense of robustness and hardiness that is often associated with challenging and untamed environments.

Example sentences containing rugged

1. The rugged mountain terrain challenged even the most experienced climbers.
2. He admired the rugged beauty of the wilderness.
3. The old sailor had a rugged face weathered by years at sea.
4. Rugged boots are essential for hiking in rough terrain.
5. The coastline's rugged cliffs provided a stunning backdrop.
6. A rugged trail led deep into the forest.

History and etymology of rugged

The adjective 'rugged' has an etymology that can be traced back to Old Norse and Middle English. It originates from the Old Norse word 'hruggr,' which means 'rough' or 'wrinkled.' Over time, this term evolved in Middle English to describe something characterized by roughness, toughness, or irregularity in texture or terrain. When we use 'rugged' to describe a landscape, terrain, or even a person, we are invoking the idea of something rough and uneven, much like the Old Norse 'hruggr,' which emphasizes the coarse or wrinkled nature of the subject at hand.

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Further usage examples of rugged

1. Rugged outdoor gear is built to withstand harsh conditions.
2. The truck's rugged tires were designed for off-road adventures.
3. The actor played a rugged cowboy in the Western film.
4. She appreciated the rugged individualism of the pioneers.
5. The backpacker enjoyed the rugged solitude of the wilderness.
6. Rugged jeans are perfect for outdoor activities.
7. Rugged smartphones are resistant to damage.
8. The rugged coastline was known for its dramatic scenery.
9. A rugged coastline is prone to erosion.
10. The off-roading vehicle handled rugged terrain effortlessly.
11. The explorer ventured into the rugged wilderness alone.
12. Rugged boots protected his feet in rocky terrain.
13. The rugged charm of the old cabin attracted hikers.
14. The rugged landscape was a photographer's dream.
15. Rugged tools are built for heavy-duty use.
16. The hiking trail took them through rugged wilderness.
17. The actor's rugged appearance suited the role perfectly.
18. The rugged cowboy hat shielded him from the sun.
19. Rugged outdoor adventures test your endurance.

rough, smooth, gentle, delicate

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