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How to pronounce custodian (audio)

Dictionary definition of custodian

A person or organization responsible for taking care of or maintaining a certain property, asset, or facility.
"The custodian unlocked the doors to the building early in the morning."

Detailed meaning of custodian

The term can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in finance, where a custodian is responsible for safeguarding investments or financial assets; in real estate, where a custodian is responsible for maintaining a building or property; or in education, where a custodian is responsible for maintaining and cleaning a school or university. A custodian's responsibilities may include tasks such as keeping the property clean and in good repair, ensuring the security of the property and its inhabitants, and managing any necessary repairs or maintenance. A custodian can also be responsible for managing the property's budget and overseeing any staff. A custodian's role is to keep the place safe, clean and organized, and to ensure that the property is well-maintained.

Example sentences containing custodian

1. The school custodian ensures the hallways are spotless and safe for students.
2. As a museum custodian, Rachel safeguards invaluable pieces of art history.
3. Henry, the office custodian, knows every nook and cranny of the building.
4. Emily is the diligent custodian of her family's historic estate and gardens.
5. The custodian at the park keeps the playground in excellent condition.
6. The church custodian works to preserve both the building and its sanctity.

History and etymology of custodian

The noun 'custodian' traces its origins to the Latin word 'custos,' meaning 'guard' or 'keeper.' In Latin, 'custos' referred to an individual responsible for safeguarding and protecting a specific place or object. As the term evolved and made its way into English, it became 'custodian,' describing a person or organization entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of, maintaining, and protecting a certain property, asset, or facility. A custodian is essentially a guardian or keeper, tasked with ensuring the proper management and security of the entrusted entity. The etymology of 'custodian' underscores the central role of safeguarding and overseeing in the responsibilities of those who hold this position.

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Further usage examples of custodian

1. A financial custodian handles assets, protecting them from loss or theft.
2. Carlos is a school custodian who mentors students in his spare time.
3. As a data center custodian, Rebecca focuses on cybersecurity measures.
4. The zoo custodian ensures animals' habitats are clean and secure.
5. The national park custodian helps balance tourism and conservation needs.
6. Martin, custodian of rare books, also monitors climate control closely.
7. The theater's custodian sees himself as a guardian of its storied past.
8. The cemetery custodian maintains the grounds with reverence and care.
9. As the lab custodian, strict contamination protocols must be followed.
10. Digital custodians secure online assets, including cryptocurrency.
11. The hospital custodian is vital in maintaining a sanitary environment.
12. A neutral third-party custodian may oversee assets during legal disputes.
13. Sarah, custodian of a botanical garden, is an expert in plant care.
14. The art studio's custodian handles ventilation and hazardous materials.
15. The factory custodian took care of decommissioning the site's equipment.
16. The historical archives' custodian prevents decay of invaluable records.
17. The gallery custodian protects exhibited works from potential tampering.
18. The custodian of the senior center keeps a comfortable, clean facility.
19. In some trusts, a custodian manages assets for minors until they come of age.
20. The concert hall's custodian also oversees sound and lighting systems.
21. The golf course custodian ensures fairways and greens are well-maintained.
22. The custodian at the library not only cleans but also repairs books.
23. The athletic field's custodian marks lines and maintains the turf.
24. The custodian of the public pool checks chemical levels and cleanliness.



guardian, vandal, destroyer, neglecter


Care and Nurture, Obligation and Allegiance, Dedication and Devotion, Responsibility and Obligation

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