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How to pronounce customary (audio)

Dictionary definition of customary

In accordance with prevailing social conventions or cultural practices.
"It is customary to remove your shoes before entering the temple."

Detailed meaning of customary

It implies that something is considered typical, expected, or traditional within a particular context or community. For example, a customary greeting in one culture might involve a bow or handshake, while in another it might involve a hug or kiss. Customs can vary widely between regions and can be influenced by factors such as religion, history, and geography. The term customary can also be used to describe laws or regulations that are widely accepted and have been practiced over a long period of time, such as customary land rights or customary international law. In general, the term is used to describe something that is regarded as a standard or norm within a particular social or cultural group.

Example sentences containing customary

1. Wearing a suit to weddings is customary in many cultures.
2. It's customary to greet with a handshake in formal settings.
3. In some countries, removing shoes before entering a home is customary.
4. Giving flowers as a gesture of goodwill is customary on many occasions.
5. It's customary to tip waitstaff in the service industry.
6. In Japan, bowing is a customary way of showing respect.

History and etymology of customary

The adjective 'customary' has an etymology rooted in the Latin word 'consuetudinarius,' derived from 'consuetudo,' meaning 'custom' or 'habit.' In Latin, 'consuetudinarius' referred to something that was in accordance with established customs or habits. Over time, as Latin influenced the development of the English language, 'customary' emerged in English with a similar meaning, denoting things or practices that align with prevailing social conventions or cultural norms. The etymology of 'customary' highlights its connection to established customs and traditions, emphasizing its role in describing actions or behaviors that are considered normal or standard within a particular society or culture.

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Further usage examples of customary

1. In some regions, customary dress varies among different tribes.
2. Saying "please" and "thank you" is a customary form of politeness.
3. It's customary to stand when a senior enters the room in certain cultures.
4. Serving tea to guests is a customary hospitality gesture in many countries.
5. Offering condolences with flowers is a customary practice at funerals.
6. The customary way to celebrate a birthday varies from culture to culture.
7. In some places, haggling over prices is customary in markets.
8. Observing silence in places of worship is a customary practice.
9. It's customary for the bride to wear a white wedding dress in Western weddings.
10. The customary greeting in France is a kiss on both cheeks.
11. In some societies, arranged marriages are still customary.
12. In many cultures, giving gifts during the holidays is a customary tradition.
13. Observing a moment of silence on Remembrance Day is customary.
14. In some countries, eating with your hands is customary for certain dishes.
15. It's customary to address elders with honorific titles in some Asian cultures.
16. The customary way to express sympathy is to send a condolence card.
17. Kissing the hand of an elder is a customary sign of respect.
18. In some regions, it's customary to break bread when welcoming guests.
19. Observing a minute of silence on Memorial Day is a customary tradition.



traditional, unusual, uncommon, atypical


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