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How to pronounce decrease (audio)


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Dictionary definition of decrease

To reduce or diminish the quantity, size, intensity, or extent of something.
"The company decided to decrease the prices to attract more customers."


Detailed meaning of decrease

When something decreases, it undergoes a process of becoming smaller, lessened, or decreased in value or amount. It signifies a downward movement or a decline in magnitude. Decreasing can occur in various contexts, such as numerical values, physical sizes, levels of intensity, or quantities of substances. It implies a change towards a lower or lesser state, often resulting from intentional actions, natural processes, or external factors. The verb 'decrease' is frequently used when discussing changes in measurements, quantities, percentages, rates, or levels, indicating a movement towards a lower value or a decline from a previous state. It is the opposite of increase and conveys the idea of diminishing, reducing, or lessening.

Example sentences containing decrease

1. Implementing energy-efficient lighting can significantly decrease electricity consumption.
2. Regular exercise can help decrease stress levels and improve overall well-being.
3. To decrease traffic congestion, consider carpooling or using public transport.
4. Proper insulation can decrease heating costs during the winter months.
5. Cutting back on sugar intake can decrease the risk of developing diabetes.
6. The central bank decided to decrease interest rates to stimulate the economy.

History and etymology of decrease

The verb 'decrease' can be traced back to its Latin root, 'decrescere,' which is a combination of 'de,' indicating 'down' or 'reversal,' and 'crescere,' meaning 'to grow' or 'to increase.' This etymology underscores the fundamental notion of diminishing or reducing something that has previously grown or increased. Over time, 'decrescere' evolved into the Middle English term 'decresen,' which then became 'decrease' in modern English. Thus, the etymology of 'decrease' reflects its historical connection to the act of reducing or diminishing the quantity, size, intensity, or extent of something, emphasizing the reversal of growth or increase.

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Further usage examples of decrease

1. Decrease distractions to increase productivity while working from home.
2. Lowering your thermostat can decrease your home's energy consumption.
3. A balanced diet can decrease the risk of heart disease and obesity.
4. Raising taxes on luxury items may decrease income inequality.
5. Regular maintenance can decrease the likelihood of car breakdowns.
6. To decrease water usage, fix any leaks in your plumbing.
7. Limiting screen time before bed can decrease sleep disturbances.
8. Decrease your carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources.
9. Effective time management can decrease work-related stress.
10. Decrease clutter in your home to create a more organized living space.
11. Decrease in oil prices can lead to economic instability in oil-dependent nations.
12. Decrease the volume to protect your hearing from loud music.
13. Decreasing the use of disposable plastic can help reduce pollution.
14. The temperature will decrease significantly overnight.
15. He started exercising regularly to decrease his weight.
16. The medication is known to decrease inflammation in the body.
17. The demand for the product has been decreasing steadily.
18. The company implemented cost-cutting measures to decrease expenses.
19. The teacher suggested studying in smaller increments to decrease stress levels.
20. She decided to decrease her screen time to improve her sleep quality.
21. The dietitian recommended decreasing sugar intake to promote better health.
22. The government implemented measures to decrease air pollution in the city.
23. The company reduced its workforce to decrease overhead costs.
24. The goal is to decrease the carbon footprint and promote sustainability.



diminish, increase, rise, escalate


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