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How to pronounce diminish (audio)


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Dictionary definition of diminish

To make something smaller, weaker, or less significant, often by reducing its size, quantity, importance, or influence.
"The sun's light began to diminish as it set below the horizon."


Detailed meaning of diminish

When something diminishes, it undergoes a process of decline or reduction, resulting in a decreased or lessened state. This term can be applied to various aspects of life, such as diminishing one's worries through relaxation techniques, diminishing the intensity of a color by adding white, or diminishing the power of an organization through regulatory changes. "Diminish" emphasizes the idea of a gradual or deliberate decrease in the magnitude or impact of something, often leading to a state of lesser prominence, importance, or effect.

Example sentences containing diminish

1. Persistent neglect can gradually diminish a building's structural integrity.
2. The ongoing conflict threatens to diminish regional stability.
3. She feared that criticism would diminish her self-confidence.
4. A lack of exercise can diminish physical fitness.
5. The constant noise pollution can diminish our quality of life.
6. Continuous exposure to sunlight can diminish skin's health.

History and etymology of diminish

The verb 'diminish' has its roots in Latin, stemming from the word 'diminuere,' which means 'to make smaller' or 'to lessen.' It is formed by combining 'di,' which is an intensifying prefix, and 'minuere,' meaning 'to make smaller' or 'to reduce.' In Latin, 'diminuere' was used to describe the process of decreasing the size, quantity, importance, or influence of something. As the word transitioned into English, it retained this core meaning, describing the action of making something smaller, weaker, or less significant. The etymology of 'diminish' emphasizes the idea of reduction or lessening, highlighting the act of making something smaller or decreasing its impact or importance.

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Further usage examples of diminish

1. Chronic stress can significantly diminish mental health.
2. Overreliance on technology can diminish face-to-face communication.
3. The excessive workload may diminish work-life balance.
4. The pandemic has the potential to diminish economic growth.
5. Repetitive tasks can diminish job satisfaction.
6. Continuous interruptions can diminish productivity.
7. The loss of biodiversity can diminish ecosystems' resilience.
8. Overconsumption can diminish the planet's resources.
9. The persistent illness has started to diminish his strength.
10. A lack of investment can diminish a company's competitiveness.
11. Reducing waste can diminish our environmental impact.
12. Inadequate sleep can diminish cognitive functioning.
13. The constant criticism began to diminish her self-esteem.
14. Ignoring warning signs can diminish overall safety.
15. The company's profits have been steadily diminishing over the past few years.
16. The doctor prescribed a medication to help diminish the patient's pain.
17. The amount of available resources began to diminish as the population grew.
18. The value of the antique vase was diminished by a small crack in the base.
19. The argument between the two friends began to diminish their relationship.
20. The excitement of the concert began to diminish as the hours ticked by.
21. The size of the crowd began to diminish as the rain began to fall.
22. The importance of the task was not diminished by its small size.
23. The effects of the recession are still being felt, though they have begun to diminish.
24. The popularity of the restaurant began to diminish as new competition opened nearby.
25. The intensity of the storm began to diminish as it moved further inland.


reduce, increase, expand, amplify


Suffix -ish, TOEFL 7, Deterioration and Decline, Decline and Decay, Reduce and Weaken

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