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How to pronounce defective (audio)

Dictionary definition of defective

Flawed, damaged, or not functioning correctly due to faults or imperfections.
"The defective product was recalled by the manufacturer."

Detailed meaning of defective

When applied to a product, system, or component, it signifies that there are problems or deficiencies that prevent it from performing its intended purpose adequately. A defective appliance, for example, may have a malfunction that renders it unusable or unsafe. In a broader sense, "defective" can also be used to describe qualities or characteristics in people or things that are subpar, unreliable, or inferior in some way. This term conveys a sense of deficiency and implies that corrective action may be needed to address the issues and restore functionality or quality. Overall, "defective" highlights the presence of significant flaws or problems that detract from the overall effectiveness or reliability of the subject being described.

Example sentences containing defective

1. The car had a defective engine that needed to be replaced.
2. The toy was deemed defective and was not safe for children to play with.
3. The factory had to dispose of the defective parts.
4. The customer returned the defective item for a refund.
5. The computer program had a defective code that caused it to crash.
6. The inspection found several defective pieces in the shipment.

History and etymology of defective

The adjective 'defective' traces its origins to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'defectivus,' which comes from the verb 'deficere.' 'Deficere' consists of 'de,' meaning 'down from' or 'away from,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to do' or 'to make.' Thus, the etymology of 'defective' conveys the idea of something that has deviated or fallen away from its intended or proper state. Over time, this Latin term evolved into the English word 'defective,' which is used to describe something as flawed, damaged, or not functioning correctly due to faults or imperfections, reflecting its historical connection to the concept of things going astray or not living up to their intended standards.

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Further usage examples of defective

1. The company offered a warranty for any defective products.
2. The appliance was replaced due to a defective component.
3. The manufacturer issued an apology for the defective merchandise.
4. The defective material caused the construction project to be delayed.
5. The quality control team discovered a defective batch of products.
6. Frustration grew as the defective phone screen displayed distorted images.
7. Commuters were at risk due to the defective brakes on the train.
8. Disappointment ensued when the toaster failed to toast due to a defective heating element.
9. Urgent action was required after a series of accidents linked to defective car airbags.
10. Her productivity suffered as her laptop became unusable because of a defective motherboard.
11. An irate customer demanded a refund for the defective product.
12. Factory workers diligently checked for defective components during assembly.
13. The homeowner faced costly repairs after a defective seal caused a water leak in the basement.
14. Frequent power outages disrupted daily life due to defective wiring.
15. Passengers were inconvenienced when a flight was delayed due to defective landing gear.
16. Frustration mounted as the defective software crashed repeatedly, causing work delays.
17. A sense of insecurity arose after they discovered a defective lock on the front door.
18. The live broadcast was marred by technical issues, including a defective microphone.
19. The mechanic worked tirelessly to replace the defective spark plugs in the car.
20. Extensive water damage resulted from defective plumbing in the building.
21. The child's excitement turned to disappointment when the defective toy didn't function.
22. Extensive repairs were needed when the defective engine failed to start.
23. The inspector was concerned about fire hazards due to defective electrical wiring.
24. Unbearable heat plagued the house because of a defective thermostat.
25. Customers were frustrated when their electronics malfunctioned due to a defective circuit board.



faulty, flawless, perfect, functional


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