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How to pronounce abnormal (audio)

Dictionary definition of abnormal

Deviating from what is considered normal, typical, or expected.
"The test results revealed abnormal levels of cholesterol in his blood."

Detailed meaning of abnormal

It implies a departure from the usual or standard behavior, appearance, functioning, or characteristics. Abnormal can refer to anything that is outside the range of what is commonly observed or accepted as ordinary. It suggests a condition or state that is irregular, atypical, or uncommon, often indicating a departure from a defined norm or standard. The term 'abnormal' is relative and context-dependent, as it relies on a comparison to established norms or expectations. It can apply to physical, psychological, or social phenomena, indicating a deviation from the expected patterns or behaviors. The concept of abnormality is widely used in fields such as medicine, psychology, and sociology to describe and classify conditions, behaviors, or phenomena that fall outside the normative range.

Example sentences containing abnormal

1. She experienced abnormal fatigue despite getting enough rest.
2. The child's abnormal behavior raised concerns among the teachers.
3. The weather patterns this year have been abnormal, with unexpected heatwaves and storms.
4. The doctor diagnosed him with an abnormal heart rhythm.
5. Her blood test showed an abnormal level of glucose, which worried the doctor.
6. The crowd displayed abnormal enthusiasm during the performance, much to the surprise of the band.

History and etymology of abnormal

The adjective 'abnormal' has its etymological origins in Latin. It comes from the Latin word 'abnormis,' which is a combination of 'ab' (meaning 'away from') and 'norma' (meaning 'rule' or 'pattern'). Therefore, 'abnormis' originally denoted something that deviated from the established rule or pattern. Over time, this Latin term evolved into 'abnormalis' in Late Latin and eventually entered the English language as 'abnormal.' Thus, when we describe something as 'abnormal,' we are invoking its historical connection to straying away from what is considered normal, typical, or expected, emphasizing its departure from the usual standard or pattern. The etymology of 'abnormal' underscores its association with deviation from the norm.

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Further usage examples of abnormal

1. His collection of antique dolls is extensive to the point of being abnormal.
2. The computer started making an abnormal buzzing sound, so she immediately called for technical support.
3. The building had an abnormal design, making it stand out among the conventional structures.
4. After noticing an abnormal lump on his arm, John decided to schedule an appointment with his doctor.
5. The sudden and abnormal silence in the usually loud classroom made the teacher suspicious.
6. She displayed abnormal strength for her size, lifting weights that even some of the bigger guys struggled with.
7. The book had an abnormal number of pages, totaling over three thousand.
8. The dog's abnormal behavior concerned its owner, who then took it to the vet for a check-up.
9. The flowers in the garden were growing in an abnormal pattern, creating a unique and beautiful display.
10. Her abnormal behavior raised concerns among her friends.
11. The test results showed abnormal levels of cholesterol.
12. The abnormal weather patterns disrupted travel plans.
13. An abnormal growth on the plant puzzled the gardener.
14. His abnormal response to stress worried his family.
15. The car's abnormal noise signaled a potential problem.
16. The teacher noticed an abnormal drop in student attendance.
17. The scientist made an abnormal discovery in the lab.
18. An abnormal number of accidents occurred on the icy road.
19. The patient's abnormal symptoms required further examination.
20. An abnormal taste in the soup left diners questioning the chef.
21. The abnormal color of the sky before the storm was eerie.
22. The athlete's abnormal speed set a new world record.
23. The CEO's abnormal decision shocked the entire company.
24. An abnormal interest in the occult fascinated some and concerned others.



unusual, normal, standard, typical


Challenges and Difficulties, Fear and Ferocity, Decay and Degeneration, Decline and Decay, Unethical and Immoral

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