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How to pronounce deliberately (audio)

Dictionary definition of deliberately

Done consciously, purposefully, and intentionally.
"The driver deliberately ignored the traffic rules and sped through the red light."

Detailed meaning of deliberately

It implies a thoughtful and calculated approach, where the individual has taken the time to consider their choices and actively decides to engage in a specific action. When someone acts deliberately, they are fully aware of the consequences and implications of their behavior. This adverb suggests a level of intentionality and control over one's actions, indicating that the person is acting with a clear motive or objective in mind. Deliberately can also convey a sense of determination, as it implies a focused effort to achieve a desired outcome. It is often used to differentiate between accidental or spontaneous actions and those that are carefully planned and executed.

Example sentences containing deliberately

1. She deliberately avoided making eye contact with her ex-boyfriend at the party.
2. The artist deliberately chose bold colors to create a striking visual impact in her painting.
3. He deliberately withheld information to gain an advantage over his competitors.
4. The child deliberately knocked over the tower of blocks, laughing mischievously.
5. They deliberately planned the surprise party to coincide with their friend's birthday.
6. The CEO deliberately crafted her words to inspire and motivate the employees.

History and etymology of deliberately

The adverb 'deliberately' has its origins in the Latin word 'deliberatus,' which is the past participle of 'deliberare.' In Latin, 'de' means 'down' or 'thoroughly,' and 'liberare' means 'to consider' or 'to weigh.' Therefore, the etymology of 'deliberately' conveys the idea of thoroughly considering or weighing a course of action before consciously and intentionally carrying it out. It accurately describes the manner in which something is done with careful thought and purposeful intent. The word has retained its connection to the concept of conscious decision-making and intentionality, reflecting its Latin origins, where 'deliberare' signified the act of careful consideration and deliberation before taking action.

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Further usage examples of deliberately

1. The hiker deliberately chose a challenging trail to test her physical endurance.
2. The politician deliberately misrepresented the facts to sway public opinion.
3. The teacher deliberately assigned thought-provoking reading materials to stimulate classroom discussions.
4. He deliberately played a slow, melodic tune on the piano to create a calming atmosphere.
5. The photographer deliberately adjusted the lighting to capture the perfect mood in the portrait.
6. She deliberately chose the scenic route for their road trip.
7. He spoke deliberately to ensure clarity in his message.
8. The artist deliberately added vibrant colors to the painting.
9. The athlete deliberately trained harder for the upcoming race.
10. The defendant deliberately misled the jury during the trial.
11. They deliberately ignored the warning signs and ventured deeper into the forest.
12. The chef deliberately paired unique flavors to create a masterpiece.
13. The politician deliberately evaded questions from the press.
14. The magician deliberately concealed the card's location.
15. The prank was set up deliberately to surprise the birthday girl.
16. The spy deliberately leaked false information to confuse the enemy.
17. He deliberately slowed down to enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside.
18. The architect deliberately incorporated sustainable design features.
19. She deliberately wore her lucky charm to the important interview.
20. The hacker deliberately breached the company's security system.
21. The teacher deliberately engaged all students in the class discussion.
22. The journalist deliberately exposed corruption within the government.
23. The burglar deliberately avoided leaving any evidence behind.
24. The author deliberately crafted a suspenseful plot in the novel.
25. They deliberately set the stage for a surprise marriage proposal.



Quiz categories containing deliberately



intentionally, accidentally, unconsciously, inadvertently

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