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belittle, respect, esteem, dignify


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How to pronounce demean (audio)


Dictionary definition of demean

To behave in a way that shows a lack of respect for oneself or others, or to reduce the dignity or standing of someone or something.
"He refused to demean himself by participating in such a humiliating activity."

Detailed meaning of demean

It can also refer to the act of causing someone to appear in a lower position or status. To demean someone is to belittle, degrade, or humiliate them through one's actions or words. It is often considered a form of bullying or abuse and can have negative consequences on both the person who is demeaned and the person doing the demeaning. Demeaning behavior can take many forms, such as insults, ridicule, mockery, or condescending remarks.

Example sentences containing demean

1. He should never demean his coworkers with offensive jokes.
2. Such comments can demean a person's self-esteem.
3. She would never demean herself by cheating.
4. It's essential not to demean others based on appearance.
5. The politician's remarks were intended to demean his rival.
6. Gossip can demean someone's reputation unfairly.

History and etymology of demean

The verb 'demean' can be traced back to the Middle English term 'demenen,' which emerged from the Old French word 'demener.' This Old French term was a combination of 'de,' meaning 'down,' and 'mener,' meaning 'to lead' or 'to conduct.' The original sense of 'demean' was to lead or conduct oneself in a particular manner. However, over time, its meaning evolved to convey the idea of behaving in a way that shows a lack of respect for oneself or others, or to reduce the dignity or standing of someone or something. This transformation reflects how the concept of leading or conducting oneself took on a negative connotation, implying actions or behavior that lower one's own or another's status or reputation.

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Further usage examples of demean

1. They would never demean their colleagues' achievements.
2. Prejudice can demean entire communities.
3. The critic's review seemed to demean the artist's work.
4. Cyberbullying can demean individuals online.
5. He didn't want to demean his opponent during the debate.
6. Discrimination can demean marginalized groups.
7. We should never demean people for their beliefs.
8. The boss's harsh words seemed to demean the team.
9. Their actions seemed to demean the seriousness of the situation.
10. The comedian didn't intend to demean anyone with his jokes.
11. The comments were meant to demean her intelligence.
12. The manager's decision seemed to demean employees' contributions.
13. The media should not demean public figures unfairly.
14. It's important not to demean others based on stereotypes.
15. His rude behavior is starting to demean our company's image.
16. The coach's speech was meant to motivate the players, not demean them.
17. It's important not to demean people based on their gender, race or ethnicity.
18. The comments you made about her intelligence were demeaning and hurtful.
19. I won't let anyone demean my accomplishments or hard work.
20. He tried to demean her with insults, but she stood up for herself.
21. Her attitude towards her subordinates was often demeaning and belittling.
22. The way he talks about his colleagues behind their backs is really demeaning.
23. It's never okay to demean someone for their physical appearance.
24. His behavior towards the staff was so demeaning that several people quit their jobs.
25. The tone of his voice was condescending and demeaning, making everyone uncomfortable.

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