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How to pronounce deputize (audio)

Dictionary definition of deputize

To grant someone temporary authority or power to act on behalf of another person or organization.
"In times of emergency, the mayor has the authority to deputize citizens as temporary law enforcement officers."

Detailed meaning of deputize

When someone is deputized, they are given the responsibility and the ability to perform certain tasks or make decisions that are typically reserved for the individual or entity they are representing. This authorization may be granted in situations where the primary individual or organization is unable to fulfill their duties or is temporarily absent. By deputizing someone, they are entrusted with the necessary authority and are expected to carry out their assigned role with integrity and competence. It is a means of temporarily transferring power or responsibility to ensure continuity and efficiency in the functioning of a particular role or organization.

Example sentences containing deputize

1. The sheriff decided to deputize him for the special operation.
2. The manager had to deputize a team member to attend the conference in her absence.
3. The chief of police can deputize officers from neighboring jurisdictions during large-scale events.
4. The captain chose to deputize the rookie player to lead the team in his absence.
5. The governor has the power to deputize National Guard troops in times of crisis.
6. The judge can deputize individuals to serve as court reporters during trials.

History and etymology of deputize

The verb 'deputize' has an etymology rooted in Latin and Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'deputer,' which means 'to depute' or 'to appoint.' This word, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'deputare,' where 'de' means 'down from' or 'away' and 'putare' means 'to reckon' or 'to consider.' Therefore, the etymology of 'deputize' conveys the idea of appointing or granting someone temporary authority or power to act on behalf of another person or organization. It accurately describes the act of assigning someone to act as a deputy or representative in a specific capacity. The word 'deputize' has maintained its historical connection to the concept of delegation and appointment, reflecting its Old French and Latin origins, where 'deputare' and 'deputer' signified the act of appointing someone to a specific role or task.

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Further usage examples of deputize

1. The supervisor decided to deputize an employee to oversee the project's progress.
2. The organization decided to deputize volunteers to help with disaster relief efforts.
3. In the absence of the regular teacher, the school principal had to deputize another staff member to take charge of the class.
4. The coach decided to deputize the reserve player to join the starting lineup.
5. The committee chairman can deputize members to represent the group in external meetings.
6. The team captain can deputize another player to take the penalty kick.
7. The sergeant deputized the new recruits to assist with crowd control during the parade.
8. The board of directors can deputize a member to act as the spokesperson for the organization.
9. The senior executive deputized his assistant to attend the meeting on his behalf.
10. The head chef deputized the sous chef to handle the dinner service.
11. The president has the authority to deputize individuals as special envoys for diplomatic missions.
12. The department manager can deputize employees to take on additional responsibilities during busy periods.
13. The organization decided to deputize a committee to investigate the allegations of misconduct.
14. The manager will deputize Sarah to lead the team during his absence.
15. Can you deputize Mark to handle customer inquiries this afternoon?
16. The principal had to deputize a teacher for the school assembly.
17. Please deputize Lisa to represent our department at the conference.
18. The captain decided to deputize the vice-captain for the crucial match.
19. They will deputize the experienced diplomat for the peace talks.
20. The CEO will deputize the COO during her maternity leave.
21. Let's deputize John as the spokesperson for our project presentation.
22. The mayor had to deputize a council member for the emergency meeting.
23. In the absence of the president, we'll deputize the vice president.
24. We can deputize Jane to oversee the fundraising campaign.



appoint, dismiss, revoke, terminate


Aid and Assistance, Options and Determinations, Continuation and Perseverance, Dominance and Dissent, Discipline and Control, Leadership and Governance

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