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fate, chance, randomness, free will


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How to pronounce destiny (audio)


Dictionary definition of destiny

The predetermined or inevitable course of events in a person's life or the unfolding of circumstances that shape their future.
"They felt a strong sense of destiny bringing them together, as if it was meant to be."

Detailed meaning of destiny

It encompasses the notion that certain outcomes or occurrences are fated or predestined, beyond individual control or influence. Destiny implies a belief in a higher power or a grand design governing the trajectory of one's life, often associated with concepts of fate or divine intervention. It suggests that each individual has a unique purpose or ultimate destination that they are meant to fulfill. While destiny can be perceived as a fixed path, it also carries an element of mystery and uncertainty, leaving room for personal choices and free will to shape the journey towards the intended destination. It evokes a sense of profound significance and inevitability, encompassing the notion that our lives are interconnected with larger forces and that our actions and decisions are part of a greater plan.

Example sentences containing destiny

1. She believed her destiny was to become a renowned artist and inspire others.
2. Against all odds, he fulfilled his destiny and became a celebrated leader.
3. Many ancient cultures believed in the power of destiny, a force that governed their lives.
4. Despite setbacks, she remained determined to pursue her true destiny.
5. He often pondered the mysteries of destiny and wondered if it could be altered.
6. The prophecy foretold a heroic destiny for the chosen one who would save the kingdom.

History and etymology of destiny

The noun 'destiny' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'destinare,' which is a combination of 'de,' meaning 'down from' or 'away from,' and 'stinare,' meaning 'to make firm' or 'to establish.' Originally, 'destinare' referred to the act of determining or setting something firmly. Over time, the term took on a more abstract meaning, referring to the idea that certain events or outcomes are firmly determined or preordained, often beyond an individual's control. This concept was adopted into Old French as 'destinee' and eventually entered the English language as 'destiny.' Thus, 'destiny' embodies the notion of a predetermined or inevitable course of events in a person's life or the unfolding of circumstances that shape their future, reflecting its historical connection to the idea of events being firmly established or determined by fate or divine forces.

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Further usage examples of destiny

1. She felt a deep connection to her ancestral roots and believed it was her destiny to honor them.
2. Sometimes, unexpected encounters can alter the course of our destinies in profound ways.
3. It was a twist of destiny that led him to his true passion and life's calling.
4. The journey towards fulfilling one's destiny is often filled with challenges and tests of character.
5. He embraced the idea that each person has the power to shape their own destiny through choices and actions.
6. She believed in the power of destiny to guide her life.
7. Their paths crossed as if by the hand of destiny.
8. Destiny had a way of surprising even the skeptics.
9. He pondered the mysteries of his own destiny.
10. Destiny seemed to conspire against their love.
11. She embraced her destiny with unwavering determination.
12. The twists of destiny brought them together again.
13. They trusted that destiny had a plan for them.
14. Destiny can be a fickle and unpredictable force.
15. He felt a sense of purpose in fulfilling his destiny.
16. The notion of destiny fascinated philosophers for centuries.
17. They left their future to the mercy of destiny.
18. Destiny often unfolds in unexpected and mysterious ways.
19. He pondered the role of choice in shaping destiny.
20. They believed in the interconnectedness of fate and destiny.
21. She was determined to carve her own destiny.
22. Destiny weaved a complex tapestry of lives intertwined.
23. Their destinies were forever entwined by a shared secret.
24. They were bound by a sense of destiny they couldn't deny.
25. The journey of life was a quest to discover one's destiny.

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