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How to pronounce detach (audio)

Dictionary definition of detach

To separate or disconnect something from its original position or attachment.
"He decided to detach himself from the negative influences in his life."

Detailed meaning of detach

It involves removing or unfastening an object or part from another object or entity. To detach can imply physically separating or disengaging one thing from another, often by undoing a connection or releasing a fastening mechanism. However, it can also describe a mental or emotional process of disassociation or distancing oneself from a situation, relationship, or attachment. Detaching can involve creating a sense of separation or space, allowing for independence, objectivity, or personal growth. The verb "detach" is commonly used in various contexts, such as removing a component from a machine, unhooking a clasp, withdrawing from an emotional connection, or mentally stepping back to gain a different perspective.

Example sentences containing detach

1. Please detach the document from the file before submitting it.
2. I need to detach the battery from the device for maintenance.
3. The artist decided to detach the painting from its frame for restoration.
4. It's important to detach yourself from negative emotions to maintain a healthy mindset.
5. The teacher asked the students to detach the pages from their textbooks for an exercise.
6. You can detach the shoulder strap from the bag if you prefer to carry it by hand.

History and etymology of detach

The verb 'detach' has its etymological origins in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'destachier,' which is a combination of 'des,' meaning 'away from,' and 'atachier,' meaning 'to attach' or 'to fasten.' Originally, 'destachier' meant to unfasten or loosen something that was attached. As the term transitioned into Middle English as 'detachen,' it retained this sense of separating or disconnecting something from its original position or attachment. 'Detach' in modern English continues to carry the same core meaning, describing the action of removing or isolating something from its primary or attached state, reflecting its etymological roots in the idea of unfastening or freeing from a previous connection.

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Further usage examples of detach

1. It's time to detach the old wallpaper from the wall and replace it with a fresh one.
2. The detective carefully detached the photograph from the evidence board.
3. Make sure to detach the plug from the socket before attempting any repairs.
4. The climber had to detach the safety rope and rappel down the cliff.
5. The surgeon had to detach the damaged tissue from the patient's organ.
6. The engineer instructed us to detach the faulty component from the circuit board.
7. It's difficult to detach the memories of our vacation from the beautiful location.
8. You can detach the lid from the container to access its contents easily.
9. The astronaut had to detach from the space station and float freely in space.
10. The archaeologist carefully detached the fragile artifact from the excavation site.
11. She decided to detach herself from the toxic relationship for her own well-being.
12. The hiker had to detach the crampons from his boots after reaching lower elevation.
13. The magnet was powerful enough to detach the metal object from the refrigerator.
14. The button on the remote control allows you to detach the keypad for convenience.



separate, attach, connect, join


Rejection and Renunciation, Departure and Leaving, Division and Separation

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