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Definition of 'separate'

Distinct, detached, or independent from others.
"The two friends decided to go their separate ways after high school."

Detailed Meaning of 'separate'

It refers to a state of being apart or separated, whether physically, spatially, or conceptually. When something is separate, it implies a clear division or distinction from other entities or elements. This separation can be observed in various contexts, such as physical objects that are not connected or in close proximity, individuals who are not part of a collective or group, or ideas and concepts that are distinct and unrelated. The notion of separation often conveys a sense of individuality, autonomy, or differentiation. It suggests a lack of connection or integration, emphasizing the distinctiveness and independence of the subject in question. In summary, the adjective "separate" signifies the state or quality of being apart, detached, or distinct from others in some form or manner.


Examples of 'separate' in a Sentence

1. The couple decided to live in separate houses but remain married.
2. Please keep the dirty and clean clothes separate in the laundry.
3. The twins have separate bedrooms, but they often play together.
4. The company operates as two separate divisions, each with its own goals.
5. The artist used separate colors to create a vibrant and dynamic painting.
6. Let's keep our personal and professional lives separate.

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Origins & Etymology of 'separate'

The adjective 'separate' finds its etymological roots in Latin and Old French. It is derived from the Latin word 'separatus,' which is a past participle of the verb 'separare,' meaning 'to set apart' or 'to divide.' In ancient Rome, 'separare' was used to describe the action of creating a division or distinction by setting one thing apart from another. This Latin term influenced Old French, where it became 'separer,' and eventually, in Middle English, it evolved into 'separate.' Consequently, the etymology of 'separate' highlights its connection to the notion of being distinct, detached, or independent from others, stemming from the Latin root 'separare' and emphasizing the act of creating a division or boundary between entities or concepts.


How to pronounce separate (audio)


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