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How to pronounce devote (audio)

Dictionary definition of devote

To dedicate or commit oneself, time, resources, or attention to a particular purpose, activity, cause, or person.
"She decided to devote her weekends to volunteering at the local shelter."

Detailed meaning of devote

When someone devotes themselves to something, they give it their full focus, energy, and commitment. It implies a strong sense of dedication, passion, or loyalty towards the chosen endeavor. To devote can involve making a conscious choice to prioritize and invest significant effort, time, or resources into pursuing a specific goal or undertaking. It may also encompass demonstrating loyalty, affection, or care towards a person or cause. When someone devotes themselves to a cause, they often work tirelessly and selflessly to support and advance it. Devoting oneself requires a deep commitment and a willingness to make sacrifices in order to pursue or support the chosen focus of devotion.

Example sentences containing devote

1. I devote my time to studying and learning new skills.
2. They devote their resources to charitable causes.
3. She will devote her energy to completing the project on time.
4. The team members devote their expertise to solving complex problems.
5. We must devote our attention to finding a solution.
6. He always chooses to devote his weekends to volunteering at the local shelter.

History and etymology of devote

The verb 'devote' has its origins in the Latin word 'devotus,' which is the past participle of 'devovere.' 'Devovere' is a combination of 'de,' meaning 'completely' or 'thoroughly,' and 'vovere,' meaning 'to vow' or 'to dedicate.' In its original Latin form, 'devotus' was used to express a deep commitment or dedication to a cause, deity, or person through a solemn vow or pledge. As the Latin language evolved and transitioned into English, 'devote' retained this sense of dedicating oneself, time, resources, or attention completely to a specific purpose, activity, cause, or individual. Thus, the etymology of 'devote' emphasizes its historical association with the act of committing fully and wholeheartedly to a particular endeavor or commitment.

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Further usage examples of devote

1. The company decided to devote its budget to research and development.
2. The professor encourages students to devote themselves to their studies.
3. She plans to devote her summer vacation to traveling and exploring new places.
4. It is important to devote adequate time to self-care and relaxation.
5. The artist will devote their next collection to the theme of nature.
6. The organization aims to devote its efforts to environmental conservation.
7. The coach asks the athletes to devote themselves completely to training.
8. I firmly believe that we should devote more attention to mental health awareness.
9. The politician promises to devote their term to improving healthcare access.
10. They vow to devote their lives to protecting endangered species.
11. The chef will devote their skills to creating a unique dining experience.
12. The parents decide to devote their weekends to spending quality time with their children.
13. The teacher urges the students to devote extra time to studying for the upcoming exam.
14. He wants to devote his retirement years to pursuing his passion for photography.



dedicate, neglect, disregard, ignore


Advocacy and Support, Attention and Focus, Dedication and Devotion, Resilience and Resolve

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