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How to pronounce bestow (audio)

Dictionary definition of bestow

To give or grant something, often with a sense of honor, generosity, or kindness.
"The king was known to bestow lavish gifts upon his loyal subjects."

Detailed meaning of bestow

When we use the term "bestow," we emphasize the act of conferring or presenting a gift, honor, responsibility, or privilege upon someone or something. Bestowing can involve various types of gifts or favors, from material possessions to awards, blessings, or titles. It is often associated with a sense of appreciation, respect, or recognition for the recipient. This verb conveys a sense of intentionality and significance, highlighting the thoughtful and deliberate act of giving. Whether it's bestowing a scholarship on a deserving student, bestowing a title of honor on an individual, or bestowing love and affection upon a loved one, this term underscores the meaningful and ceremonial nature of the act.

Example sentences of bestow

1. It is an honor to have the opportunity to bestow this prestigious award.
2. The king has the power to bestow titles upon loyal subjects.
3. The scholarship committee will bestow financial aid to deserving students.
4. The committee's decision will determine who they will bestow the scholarship upon.
5. The professor's recommendation can bestow great opportunities for the student.
6. The parents are excited to bestow their blessings upon the newlyweds.

History and etymology of bestow

The verb 'bestow' has its etymological roots in Old English and Old High German. In Old English, it was 'bistawan,' which meant 'to place' or 'to give.' This term was influenced by the Old High German word 'bestowen,' which carried a similar meaning. Over time, 'bestow' evolved in Middle English to signify the act of giving or granting something, often with a sense of honor, generosity, or kindness. The word's historical development reflects the idea of placing something valuable or meaningful upon someone or something as a sign of favor or goodwill. Consequently, the etymology of 'bestow' underscores its connection to the act of giving and granting, particularly with an element of honor or generosity attached to it.

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Further usage examples of bestow

1. The philanthropist has pledged to bestow a large sum of money to the charitable organization.
2. The queen's decree can bestow privileges to those who have earned her favor.
3. The mayor will bestow the key to the city upon the esteemed guest.
4. The ceremony is a momentous occasion where we bestow our love and support.
5. The CEO has the authority to bestow promotions upon deserving employees.
6. The president will bestow the highest honor upon the hero for their bravery.
7. The judge will bestow justice upon those who have been wronged.
8. The committee will bestow recognition upon outstanding contributions to the community.
9. The teacher has the power to bestow knowledge upon eager learners.
10. The gods bestow their blessings upon the faithful worshippers.
11. The benefactor will bestow a generous donation to help those in need.
12. The mentor can bestow valuable guidance and wisdom to those seeking it.
13. The leader has the ability to bestow trust upon their team members.
14. The coach will bestow confidence and belief in the abilities of the athletes.



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