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How to pronounce digestif (audio)


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Dictionary definition of digestif

A beverage, typically an alcoholic drink, consumed after a meal to aid in digestion.
"After a delicious dinner, they enjoyed a glass of cognac as a digestif."

Detailed meaning of digestif

It is often enjoyed in various cultures and cuisines as a way to conclude a meal and provide a sense of closure. A digestif is believed to have digestive properties that help ease discomfort or indigestion that may arise from a heavy or rich meal. Digestifs can range from fortified wines, such as port or sherry, to spirits like brandy, whiskey, or liqueurs. The alcohol content and flavors of a digestif are often intended to provide a soothing and relaxing effect on the stomach, promoting digestion and enhancing the overall dining experience. It is customary in some cultures to offer or serve a digestif as a gesture of hospitality and to complete a meal on a satisfying note.

Example sentences containing digestif

1. The waiter brought us a tray of colorful digestifs after our meal.
2. I always enjoy sipping on a digestive liqueur to aid digestion.
3. The restaurant offers a selection of premium digestifs to complement the desserts.
4. A small glass of digestif can be a delightful way to conclude a fine dining experience.
5. The herbal digestif I had last night had a refreshing and soothing effect on my stomach.
6. The rich chocolate cake was perfectly paired with a smooth digestif.

History and etymology of digestif

The term 'digestif' has its roots in the Latin word 'digestus,' which is the past participle of 'digere,' meaning 'to digest.' This etymology reflects the essence of a digestif, as it is a beverage consumed after a meal with the intent of aiding in the process of digestion. The concept of enjoying a post-meal drink for digestive purposes has been a tradition in various cultures for centuries, and the word 'digestif' itself conveys this historical connection to promoting digestive well-being.

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Further usage examples of digestif

1. The bartender recommended a bitter-sweet digestif that cleansed the palate.
2. After a heavy meal, I like to indulge in a herbal digestif to settle my stomach.
3. The digestif menu featured a range of brandies, liqueurs, and fortified wines.
4. The fruity and aromatic digestif had a complex flavor profile.
5. The digestif acted as a palate cleanser before moving on to the next course.
6. The traditional Italian digestif, limoncello, is known for its refreshing citrus flavor.
7. A sip of the herbal digestif instantly eased my indigestion.
8. The rich and velvety texture of the digestif lingered on my tongue.
9. The digestif was served in a small tulip-shaped glass for optimal aroma and taste.
10. The strong and robust digestif provided a warm and comforting sensation.
11. The after-dinner mint chocolate was paired with a mint-flavored digestif.
12. The complex blend of spices in the digestif added depth and complexity to the drink.
13. The aged cognac was the perfect digestif to enjoy by the fireplace.
14. The bartender crafted a unique digestif cocktail using rare and exotic ingredients.



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