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Definition of 'discard'

To get rid of something that is no longer needed, useful, or desired.
"He had to discard his old jeans because they no longer fit."

Detailed Meaning of 'discard'

This can involve physically throwing something away, such as discarding an old piece of furniture, or figuratively casting something aside, such as discarding a bad habit or an outdated idea. The term discard suggests a sense of rejection or abandonment, and often implies that the item or idea being discarded is no longer valuable or relevant. Discard can also be used as a noun to refer to something that has been discarded, such as a pile of discards or a discard bin. The word discard is commonly used in a variety of contexts, including household cleaning, sports, and gaming, where it refers to getting rid of unwanted cards or tiles. Overall, discard is a term used to describe the act of disposing of something that is no longer needed, useful, or desirable, either literally or figuratively.


Examples of 'discard' in a Sentence

1. I had to discard the moldy bread I found in the kitchen.
2. The company decided to discard their outdated product line.
3. The chef told us to discard the burnt pieces of food.
4. She decided to discard the old furniture and start fresh.
5. The athlete had to discard their plan due to an unexpected injury.
6. I always discard expired food from my pantry.

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Origins & Etymology of 'discard'

The verb 'discard' has its roots in Middle English. It can be traced back to the Middle English word 'discarden,' which is a combination of 'dis-' meaning 'away' and 'carden,' meaning 'to card' or 'to throw.' In the context of carding, it meant to remove impurities from fibers by tossing them away. Over time, 'discard' evolved in English to describe the action of getting rid of something that is no longer needed, useful, or desired, much like the act of tossing aside unwanted or unnecessary items. The etymology of 'discard' thus reflects its historical connection to the idea of removal and disposal, emphasizing the act of discarding or casting something away.


How to pronounce discard (audio)


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