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Definition of 'relinquish'

To voluntarily give up, abandon, or surrender something, often a right, claim, possession, or responsibility.
"The shareholders forced him to relinquish control of the company."

Detailed Meaning of 'relinquish'

When someone relinquishes, they make a deliberate decision to release or let go of whatever it is they previously held or owned, transferring it to another party or allowing it to be set aside. This term can apply to various situations, such as relinquishing control of a business, relinquishing a cherished personal possession, or relinquishing a position of authority. "Relinquish" underscores the voluntary nature of the action, highlighting the act of willingly and consciously yielding or abandoning something that one previously had ownership or control over.


Examples of 'relinquish' in a Sentence

1. He was forced to relinquish his position as CEO due to the scandal.
2. She relinquished her rights to the property in the divorce settlement.
3. The company was required to relinquish control of the subsidiary.
4. He reluctantly relinquished his seat on the board of directors.
5. She chose to relinquish her claim to the inheritance.
6. The government was pressured to relinquish control of the country's natural resources.

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Origins & Etymology of 'relinquish'

The verb 'relinquish' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'relinquere.' It is formed by combining 're,' which indicates 'back' or 'again,' and 'linquere,' meaning 'to leave' or 'to abandon.' In Latin, 'relinquere' meant to leave something behind, abandon, or surrender it voluntarily. As the term made its way into English, it retained this core meaning, describing the action of voluntarily giving up, abandoning, or surrendering something, often a right, claim, possession, or responsibility. The etymology of 'relinquish' underscores the concept of willingly leaving behind or letting go of something, emphasizing the voluntary nature of giving up or surrendering.

How to pronounce relinquish (audio)


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